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Author Topic: Spicy Julia (North Acton)  (Read 1356 times)

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Offline LL

https://www.adultwork.com/2247209 or https://www.adultwork.com/Spicy+Julia

Short version: Pretty good punt with very slim, pretty, friendly girl who did everything I wanted including a unforgettable CIM/swallow finish.

Longer version (too long perhaps - I'm sorry, I need to get this off my chest): Unusually for me I decided to book this one in advance.  Initial communications were good - I booked her through AdultWork and she asked me to call her 1 hour before the punt to confirm.  I'd been looking forward to it for days, during which time it was always in at least the back of my mind (if not the front!) and with that level of anticipation building it would be difficult for it to live up to my expectations.  After booking her I sent another email asking for a specific outfit and she replied and said she would wear it for me.  On the day of the punt, today - I charged my punting phone and switched it on in the afternoon, 2 hours before the punt.  I'd not used it since my last punt so when it powered up there were several messages - one from Julia reminding me to confirm my booking on the day, by text.  I remembered that she'd said to call one hour before but now I'd seen a message to text her I did so right away.  I got a reply immediately stating that I'd left it too late and that she'd booked in somebody else instead.  Oh well, never mind.  5 minutes later she sent another text with a message stating something along the lines of, "OK I just rescheduled the other client so please come at the time we planned".  Didn't want to remind her that she'd only told me to call her one hour before and that we'd had email correspondence confirming my booking.  I just texted back, "Thanks, see you at [the time we arranged]".  Her reply "pls don't be late".  OK.

An hour after that I called her as agreed.  She sounds nice on the phone but then I felt like I was being lectured - perhaps to cover her own mistake.  "You need to text me in the morning of the booking otherwise I'll cancel your booking and get somebody else" and when you come, "please make sure you arrive on time!".  Now I'm thinking that she maybe didn't reschedule the other booking as she told me but instead made a back-to-back booking (with one right after me) which she wouldn't normally do according to other reports here.  That might explain why she stressed several times that I had to be punctual.  I said to her, "Of course I will be on time and also on AdultWork we had agreed the date and time and you asked me to ring you one hour before the meeting which I am doing now - if you wanted me to text you in the morning you should have asked me to at the time".  Anyway, it was still on but at this point I was close to cancelling as I didn't have a good vibe about the whole thing.  I decided that I was perhaps reading too much into it - I would judge the situation when I got to her place and if she wasn't really friendly and welcoming or if she raised the issue of my apparent booking faux pas again then I would walk - plenty of other options in her area, and cheaper too!

I arrived at North Acton and she was very friendly and warm and the minor disagreement we had was all forgotten about (her sexy outfit helped me forget!).  Incidentally she wasn't wearing what we had agreed upon but I didn't want to push my luck at this point.  I paid her and hopped in her shower. 

As for my first impressions of her - I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed.  In her gallery pictures she oozes sex, sophistication and confidence.  The pictures remind me of Angelina Jolie whom, when interviewed has a sort of air of confidence around her.  Her words are used sparingly and carefully chosen, she is assertive but perfectly collected.  In real life Julia doesn't come across as she looks in her pictures at all.  She's a typical girl-next-door, young Polish girl - but one of the better ones, friendly, smiley and with a very slim, toned figure and interesting hair.  Facially she did look attractive but her hair was up (I would have preferred it down as in her pics) and she had some white, opaque ointment smeared underneath her eyes.  At first I thought this was part of her alternative "look". You know like the guy from REM who used to wear such make-up on-stage 10 years ago.  When I looked closely though her eyes looked sore underneath the cream.  So then I knew it was ointment and not make-up.  I didn't ask her about it and it didn't bother me too much.  Perhaps a facial was off the menu but I had other plans.

What followed after my shower was lots of kissing, 69 where I had to stop licking her after a few minutes as the stubble from my chin was irritating her (my bad - had shaved this morning but punted right after work so there was 10-hours' growth.  Can't see myself shaving at work for future punts - may just need to work on my chin position when doing RO).  We then had sex and after maybe 10 minutes of my favourite position - me on top but kneeling, with her laying flat on her back she asked to change positions as that was uncomfortable.  Also, I attempted to put her legs on my shoulders but she discouraged me from doing it saying that position is "not for her".  It was all done very friendly and politely but it surprised me as she is perhaps the most super-toned gym-bunny I have punted - with the legs and tummy of a model.  I thought she would have been very flexible as well.  Never mind.

We did doggy for a bit which I enjoyed but as she was riding against me quite fast, I felt like I was going to cum too early so I asked her to lay flat on the bed, on her front and fucked her like that for maybe 10 minutes, laying on top of her, going really slowly, which felt really nice and she made all the right movements and noises, holding my hands whilst I kissed her back and neck.  With 10 minutes left I wanted to do 69 again and she obliged.  I promised to make more of an effort not to scratch her with stubble (I'm new to this - I haven't done RO much)  It felt nice but I wasn't going to cum with her BJ technique - it was too gentle.  Not that I wasn't enjoying it, I was just conscious of the time.  She lifted her frame up on her arms and sucked me deep and hard and so I could watch her head rise and fall from the view between her legs.  A Kodak moment.  Or at least one for my wank bank, definitely.

She was uncomfortable again though I think.  I was her second to last client of the day - she told me this when I arrived and I got the impression that she was looking forward to a rest.  She switched position though, not losing enthusiasm just getting comfy from the look of it.  She sucked me some more, whilst kneeling between my knees. I stroked her hair and gently pushed her head down onto my cock as I did so - to encourage her to speed up a little which she did.  A few minutes later I came and it was a massive release for me.  She took it all, and carried on sucking - this is where the punt went from a very ordinary one to one which I will always remember.  I don't know how much I came as I didn't see any of it - it felt like a lot as there were a lot of "spurts"!  She gulped it all down with a big smile, not missing a drop.  Another mental image for my wank bank.  Quick shower and a kiss and I left.  I don't actually like the location in terms of discretion.  You have to walk past a few doors to people's homes, in a small corridor to take you back to the lift.  Reminds me of University halls where everyone knew each other.  Perhaps I'm paranoid but that lift took forever to arrive.  There was only one lift working in a very busy block and I was high up near the top.  I was praying that none of the residents popped out of their own flat.  That might have made for an awkward conversation - "Oh, are you a friend of Dave/Bob/Steve?".  My imagined reply, "no, I just fucked your next-door neighbour". :D

So would I go back to see her? Unfortunately not.  I had a better time with Candy, across the courtyard and she, at the time, charged me the same price £80 - for an hour as opposed to half (since raised her hourly rate to £90 but 30 minutes is still £60 so perhaps that's the better option for me).  Still the finish was extremely good.  I would say one for the bucket-list but that list item of CIM/swallow, which I only planned to risk doing with a prossie the once, has recently been crossed off my list so many times with the same shitty pencil that I've put a hole right through the paper.

21 review(s) found for Spicy Julia linked to in above post (20 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline swomble

I'm surprised that this review isn't a neutral or negative.
She been on my HL but reading this review I'm inclined to remove her.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

She's been off and on my hl at different times.

Think I still have the same mixed feelings based on this, but thanks for sharing and glad you had a good time overall.

Offline LL

I'm surprised that this review isn't a neutral or negative.
She been on my HL but reading this review I'm inclined to remove her.
You can mentally rate it yourself based on all the information I have provided. We don't have to agree on the rating. I can reflect upon the punt differently now that it's the day after. The little niggles I had were just that, and overall it was absolutely a positive experience. I still wouldn't go back but don't read too much into that - I rarely see the same girl twice.

Offline herbie007

Thanks for the review and glad you had a good time.

There's a lot of useful information in it and she's still in my hot list  :drinks:

Offline marty_mcfly

She's been off and on my hl at different times.

Same here. Everytime I hit the update button, I need to go back and change my hotlist again.
Banning reason: Unstable

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