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Author Topic: Love Bite  (Read 759 times)

Offline mrmore

Anyone ever received a Love Bite off a escort ?

Offline superchamp

Only on the bell end when the BJ got a bit too toothy.

Offline Sonny Crockett

I had a WG bite me on the arm once.... All in good nature of course!!!!!
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Offline nike

Only on the bell end when the BJ got a bit too toothy.

Haha , just posted something on another thread and when I read this it just made me laugh.

" Braces on a girl make me scared.   :scare: iT'S the bond villian, JAWS, syndrome.  :thumbsdown:"

Offline Ben4454

I once had 4 love bites all over my neck from a working girl where a session got heavy. Lucky I choose to be single for this reason.
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Never received one, and I would guess that no WG would deliberately plant one unless requested as part of GFE or agreed BDSM play. 

Offline Siadwel

Love bites? What sort of teenage nonsense is that?

Wouldn't make any difference to me if I was given one, as long as it wasn't visible above a shirt collar, but I definitely would not give a WG a love bite. Chances are she'd find the nearest blunt edge and castrate me with it....slowly.

Besides which, a WG's body is her living, and same as I wouldn't damage a plumber's wrenches or a leccy's multi-meter, neither would I damage a WG 's tool of her trade.

I don't mind them, it's good to be single as I don't have to care if anyone sees it. Plus it makes me feel so young  :lol:

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