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Author Topic: _Mature Sonia_ West Drayton  (Read 1452 times)

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Offline TallnHung


I was in the area, couldnt get LisA 32ff at such short notice, so after a few decent reviews here thought I'd chance my arm.
Texted, she replied in minutes (some other WG could learn from this) and we worked out a 30 minute session for £60.

Her place pretty easy top find, block of flats in a large group of flats and houses, not overlooked but not very easy to park, its all allocated so parked in a side road once I found the place and walked up.  Buzzed in after a telephone call and was greeted by one of the other girls working there.

Initially told Sonia was busy and my mojo dropped, I think they saw this and ushered me into a room for 5 minutes, knock on the door in came Sonia.  A few words (said little English a problem, and I said no).

As billed and exactly as photo's Sonia is a mature lady, with a great pair of tits and decent body.  A bit of sag here and there but nothing to put one off as long as you know.  Paid the 60 (for 30 minutes) after a DFK starter and Sonia left to deposit the cash.  She came back and as I was shoes off she knelt down immediately and started to stroke my cock as I undressed.  Wouldn't let me do the boxers, she did that, kissed my already hardening cock and stood up for more DFK.

All that followed can only be described as mixed GFE and PSE. Very enthusiastic DFK with me easing her out of her dress, grabbing her ass and giving her what could be described as a successful teasing, rubbing and finger fucking of her already wet pussy.  The DFK for me was a major turn on as was playing with her now free, very good, tits.  More pussy play and some sucking of her very responsive nipples. 

5 minutes of this and she could tell I needed a blowjob.  So leaning back she grabbed the base with one hand and slowly wanked me with the other all the time not breaking eye contact which was a big turn on.  Soon enough she was licking my cock up and down, flicking the head with her tongue and back up for more DFK before sucking me with obvious skill.  None of the fake moans or lots of spit just someone who seems to really enjoy sucking a cock.

Between sucking and DFK and them more sucking she took me to the edge about 5 times over the next 20 minutes always coming up for some licking or ball flicking or DFK every time I thought I was going to cum.  At this she is I'd say an expert. Good eye contact, not very deepthroat, I'd say 4 inches max, but it felt less of a blowjob than a woman worshipping a cock less GFE, more PSE.

Eventually I was at the point of no return and she indicated no CIM so I indicated cum on tits with a grin from her.  More DFK before kneeling (she short me tall) in front of her whilst she alternated between sucking and wanking my cock.  She had a 6th sense, or it was me leaning back for the view, and just as I was about to cum she offered up her tits.  I couldn't stop the flow and decorated her neck and tits hands free just shooting wherever it went which was mostly all down her tits.

25 minutes gone and I figured it was time to go.  Oh no, another finger fuck was indicated by Sonia with her pointing to cock, condom and pussy with a sad face so whilst one of my hands enjoyed her still cum wet tits and squeezing them the other brought her to what felt just like a proper orgasm, her pussy pulsing afterwards always a good sign.  I got the very distinct idea had I cum earlier in the session I'd have got a cum twice with a fuck for afters.  Im pretty sure she's a Nympho ;)

Showered, dressed and spent I left 40 minutes after I arrived with not a knock on the door or a look at a clock.  Great value I think.

Will I go back? Well if I'm in the area and free yes, she's good if you know what you're walking in on and very good VFM.

Recommended to all MILF's with big tits and blowjob fetish lovers ;)

3 review(s) found for _MATURE SONIA_ linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline closeshave

I wish she would move back to arsenal. She's a full on great shag and I miss that from her

My experience mirrors yours and mine was last year

Offline TallnHung

She's surprisingly hot.  Im going back when I get chance, this time to check her fucking out...
At that price I'll go for the hour too ;)

Offline closeshave

Mine was an hour and she keeps it going

Looks like my type. Are there mirrors in the bedroom to watch ourselves?  Cheers

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