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Author Topic: Olivia - 3 Lisle St Soho  (Read 923 times)

Offline newcummer

Just got back from an early morning wander around Soho.  I really wanted to be sucked off by a busty slutty looking type and then spunk all over an ample set of melons (Been over a week due to being on a family holiday so knew it would be a great sight).  My plan however was to visit a few walkups to in effect just browse then when I decide who I want the most, go there.  It was a bit early though and the walkups i were walking past werent open as of yet.  Berwick St was open though and this was on my hitlist as read fantastic things about Selina and especially (busty?) Eva, but I was put off by two very pervy looking men on each corner opposite who definitely seemed to be waiting.  Maybe i was being para but it put me off!  I ended up on Lisle St and saw the doors were open so I eenie-meenied and went through door 3.  The maid let me in and ushered me to the adjacent waiting room which appeared to be a tiny kitchen No cat swinging in there! Then Olivia came to the door, I turned around and looked up at such a fantastic stunning woman with just the look that would turn me on and a hot as fuck body.  She had a skin tight green mini dress on which showed her big tits and I knew there and then there wont be any browsing today!  It turns out she was waiting for a punter to get dressed so after a few mins I was in.  To my surprise, the prices were more than Greens Court, Oral or Sex was £30 and both together was £40.  I asked her where can i come and she said "on her tits but thats extra".  I was a bit disappointed but thought im not paying more than £30 for a suck and squirt so went to grab my bag and I was about to explain to her its too much for me today when she said how much do you have?  I said £30 and she said ok ill do it for that.  Guess that proves sometimes you can slightly haggle if you lie about what is in the wallet!

Off with the clothes onto the bed and Olivia rolled down her dress and I saw just how amazing those breasts are, bloody hell guys if you are boob lovers, you have to go and see them.  I imagine they would be fake but they looked and felt perfectly natural.  Naturally huge.  I had a nice feel of them whilst she was sucking me (Condom on of course).  She has a good technique, a bit of hand, slow and fast sucking and just the right amount of eye contact, which I must say is a beautiful sexy sultry look she has.  I was very quickly up on my feet with her sitting on the edge of the bed wanking into her wonderful bosom shooting out obscene amounts of spunk allover them.  Bloody awesome!  Off she went to the sink to wash it off and whilst getting dressed even though I was drained I couldn't take my eyes off her body, tall, leggy, really nice juicy arse as she was leaning over the sink.  She has a perfect look for my taste.

However she was very quiet, no chat was initiated and she didnt seem on the whole that enthusiastic.  I wouldnt say cold, just perhaps doesnt do her job with passion like with Poppy.  I think thats the only negative from my experience with her.  Oh but shes definately NOT italian.  She must be romanian as I heard her on the phone when I left.  Doesnt make a difference to me but if youre expecting to talk about pasta, juventus and pavarotti then you might be left disappointed!

Positives - Stunning looks, slim tall body with amazing arse, nice looking shaved pussy and the most lovely ample breasts you will see.  She was flexible on price and accommodated my request well.  Clean pleasant room.  I believe she looks like this lady who played "The Huntress" in TV series "Arrow"

Negatives - Quiet, a tad mechanical and not passionate.  However the body for me made up for that.  I'll definitely be back for the sex option of the menu, the question is do I do doggy for the arse or cowgirl for the assets?!!

Face - 8/10
Body - 10/10
Personality - 6/10
Service - 8/10
Venue - 6/10

Offline newcummer

Me being a dumbass not posting this in the reviews section sorry can admin move it there as a positive review?  Thanks

Offline Josh Smith

Here was me thinking I was the only one on here to have banged her. Great review. Much more descriptive than mine. Also the pic is very similar. Agree with it. Can't wait to get back and fuck her.
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Offline lol-machine

my mate asked me to ask you what days she works

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