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Author Topic: Poppy - Greens Court Soho  (Read 635 times)

Offline newcummer

2 weeks ago I finally decided on the day it was the time I was going to take the plunge, couldn't get it out of my head so off i went after work.  I had already decided Greens Court looks the easiest to dart in and up (there is a cafe next to the entrance but always seems quiet).  After I crapped it once and walked straight past i turned back and walked straight in there and up I went.  Rang the buzzer and the maid answered and told me to go straight up, good start i thought.  The bedroom was nice, comfy soft bedding and a good size room, nothing to put me off.  A few seconds later in came Poppy.  I had decided this was the day as I really wanted to try a Thai and she didn't disappoint my eyes, very pretty and petite wearing a corset and tights.  She was very friendly smiley and even though i was nervy it soon disappeared.  Ended up going for sex+oral for £30.  I have to say the experience I had with Poppy couldn't be faulted, she puts her heart into it and is a confident bubbly girl.  Started off by stroking my cock whilst she got up close to me asking me "How horny are you?" "Whens the last time you had sex?" "Whens the last time you had a wank?!!"  In no time she had my cock rock hard and before I know it she had it rubbered and deep in her throat.  Felt amazing.  Then it was on with the sex which was a really good fuck.  She told me to be gentle with her as earlier when sucking me she told me I have a big thick cock which I though ahhh shes just being nice but during sex shes seemed a little bit uncomfortable, I asked her if im being too rough and whilst slightly wincing said "its ok".  What a girl lol!  Despite that she did seem like she was enjoying the sex and her encouragements seemed genuine.  Her little petite body was turning me on as was seeing her in the mirror which is right in front of the bed and after a good long fuck I came.

I must have gone over the 10 mins but there was no rushing me out, even when getting dressed again.  Small talk ensued and she even offered me a drink which i thought was a nice touch.  No negative with this girl for me, as long as you are wanting a small Thai cute girl who is very enthusiastic you cant go wrong.  Ill be back!

Face - 7/10
Body - 8/10
Personality - 10/10
Service - 9/10
Venue - 8/10

Offline newcummer

Me being a dumbass not posting this in the reviews section sorry can admin move it there as a positive review?  Thanks

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