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Author Topic: Piss taker/ James Corden on the game  (Read 1202 times)

Offline handyandy

Banning reason: Slagging off UKP members on another site

Offline theblade

 :scare: It looks like a bloke. Ugh !!

Offline JV547845

Rofl maybe we finally got to see Sergei's true face but I'm calling that as one meticulously crafted troll profile.

Offline raylondoner


Take a look at the veri pic!

Fucking hell!

"Dad, could you hold this piece of paper up for me please while I take your photograph?"   :yahoo:

Offline sam55

Fuck me they can do wonders on photoshop nowadays!

Looks a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio  :rolleyes:

Offline chodu1

jokes aside, this is the kind of shameless pisstaking happening a lot of times on AW where the pics are stolen and whatnot. I know most of us would run/walk away if that thing opened the door, but its the utter waste of time and maybe a tenner or so in travel costs that piss me off the most. Especially when you have just about managed to bunk off work for an hour or so and cant afford for a punt to go wrong.

Ps. James Corden what a cunt but let's save that for the O/T threads.

Offline Ben4454

Banning reason: Ignored admin warning after temporary banning and signed up to malicious troll anti-UKP site

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