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Author Topic: soho  (Read 894 times)

planning on going to a trip to london soho walk ups this week or the next, first time for me does anyone know the prices, locations of the walks ups and the times they are open, id want to go during the evening when it gets darker

Offline punter6969

This will help you mate, good luck!!!

Offline Malvolio

No worries about going once it gets dark - they will all stay open past midnight.  Make sure you watch your step if you visit really late as there are a few dodgy characters lurking in Soho who may want to relieve you of your wallet.

Offline SWLondon

I can recommend Lisa of Berwick Street, she would be a great first punt in Soho.  If you don't want a quicky her prices quickly stack up but she is could charge a fair amount if she was an independent else where


We already have a thread for soho walk ups

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