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Author Topic: High.Class.Cornelia worth the punt?  (Read 587 times)

Offline theox123

I've come across this Polish WG and wanted to know if anyone has seen her as she is new with no feedback? I want to make sure she is worth it as I don't want to be disappointed. Any feedback would be great!


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I can't really give an opinion on this one but it always amuses me when a prossie describes herself as high class.  One of the senior sisters on Saafe recently said there's nothing remotely "classy" about giving a blowjob for cash.

Offline Ben4454

Profile says she has long blonde hair. She is brunette in the pic. Penetration is not on her likes list i would ask about that on the phone.
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Offline Happyjose

She sounds a bit mental in any language

Offline nigel4498

Take a peek at her profile pic, looks like a right sour puss to me.  :(

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