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Author Topic: Hotthaipenny - Derby  (Read 3296 times)

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Offline Iloveoral

https://www.adultwork.com/2958699 or https://www.adultwork.com/hotthaipenny

Well I strarted the day stressed and having to work and notice this ad on aw for a Thai massage, £30 1/2 hr and £40 the hour.. I call to arrange asking for an hour stating the profile said £40 the lady replied for that you only get a massage..... Interestingly as they don't advertise any other services I had to ask what could I get extra and at what cost be she deluged to say over the phone.

So on arrival to a flat just off Derby centre, (2 mins from the derby oriental chinese place), private buzzer entrance to a dozen flats complex so it's fairly discreet, parking outside free and ample, easy to find, flat was clean and safe.

We discuss payment I was told she did a happy ending for a further £20, gave her £60 for the hour including this, she too the money to what I guess was her madam.
As we got into discussion I made the offer of further payment should she go any further, she said she didn't.... I said I was interested in a full service including sex... I think she joked an said £100 I said ok and gave her another £40... She tucked this into a drawer....

The massage started 1/2 hour of an amazing quality massage clearly this was her job rather than escorting, I asked her to get naked, she's a bigger girl but the lovely jugs did it for me :)
She stripped off and Welly on started to fuck her, had a great half hour inside her, on occasion she asked me to be quiet and slow down as she could hear her boss walking past outside the door and she wasn't allowed to fuck me, made it more special but in reality she probably just nicked the £40 from her boss :D

She was very willing mish, backwards and riding, there was no kissing or oral covered or not, no fingering which would make me think the sex wasn't what she normally did, I did ro her sweet pussy and she did enjoy it, like Asda  I could "taste the difference" and how wet she got I know she came a few times during sex, though she wasn't keen my sticking my finger in her ass...

To be fair, I really enjoyed it, great to have a good massage and good sex, usually the two don't go hand in hand, I've suffered with back pains for 10 years, she actually told me where it hurt and fixed it, felt much better for the last few days since.

To sum up, lovely girl, bbw type with limited sex services but took cock really well, fantastic massage, £100 for the hour, certainly worth a revisit if only for the massage.
Had me thinking about jasmine (previous review) sexy lady with fantastic sex but not as good massage, swings and roundabouts gents :)
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Offline Owwhatanight

You do love your Thai massages and I like reading your reviews. What a bonus for £40

Offline Iloveoral

Hahaha yeah unfortunately my weakness, didn't realise it was so transparent lol :)

Online Turtle Z

Lets hope her boss doesn't read this eh!   :D

I understand that Penny, Karn and Marta are currently working in Derby for 2 weeks then Leicester for 2 weeks, maybe Marta does stay in Derby for longer. Derby has Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Toyota so plenty of cash in town. :D

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