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Author Topic: Angel of Diamonds  (Read 1154 times)

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Well, what a waste of £50. Been unable to see Sarah Jane of allure since everyone flocking to go see her and my inability to confirm appointments way in advance due to other commitments. So out came my spare sim and my self imposed ban of using diamonds went out the window for 30 mins.

Pics looked very similar to Sarah Jane of Allure, I thought if I was lucky it might even be her working as a double agent  :D

Sent to the flat based at the Ochre Yards development next to the Hilton. Address given and made my way up. Once entered, it wasn't Sarah Jane as I expected, but a fairly attractive MIlF as pictured on site and accurate description. I thought I may be in for a good time as she looked facially attractive and had decent feedback.

Stripped and lay on bed, she joined me, hold ups, high heels and short dress on. She had a lovely tan too. She joined me on bed and started some kissing. When I tried to engage in som DFK, nothing reciprocated, I then just blatantly asked, 'U not French kiss?'. 'No' was the answer. First time in a long time had a come across an escort that didn't do DFK and the way she carried on with pecks, u could tell she was just trying to kill time.

I then started to rub her clits, instant moans of pleasure. I know I'm good, but I'm not that good so I could tell she was faking that! Moved my hand away and decided to make her work for her money. Asked for oral, she reached for condom! I said I prefer owo, she said she didn't do it and then gave ME the condom to put on myself!

I went limp straight away, she gave minimal oral effort and was doing more hand action than oral. I was so pissed off, I just said to her, 'I book lasses all the time u know, and owo is pretty much standard'. She then starts talking about playing safe. At that point, knock on front door of flat. My worst fear, hearing another punter coming in! My turn for a cheap dig ' I like to play safe too babe, 2 lasses and 2 punters in the same building ain't safe' :yahoo:

I was super limp at this point. To my surprise, condom came off and straight into deepthroat owo hands free, just the way I like it! Another sly dig at her 'u see, that's why I like MILFS, they know what they are doing'. Decided to try some sex doggy style. Another condom given for me to put on. Legs tight together and trying to get in, u could tell she was restricting access. Decided to finish with owo. I warned her I would cum in her mouth. She decided to let my spunk run back on to me and make a mess of me.

Used a good few wipes as shower was out of bounds. Then has the cheek to ask if I will be back to see her. Hope your reading this review Angel, u just been fucked by themademan2  :hi:

I'm assuming she thought I was another mug of a punter in and out with no repurcusion. She guessed wrong. So anyone thinking of booking her, don't waste your money. She clearly in the wrong job. Pretty lass, but that's about it. Plenty better options out there.
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Great info and you got your point across. I just hate it when a girl has a half arsed attitude and the two girls in a flat is a thing that pisses me right off

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good work MM2 she is not my kind of girl SJ was a try and see just in case with all the good reviews and I was impressed top girl imo, :dance: but Angel may of been on a plan c list just in case, ;) but now not on any list and will have saved a few people a bit of money  :thumbsup:
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I would love to know that coz I have had my eye on Candy for a while.
At the minute there are only 3 WG's I am interested in seeing and they will all be return visits so I really fancy a 'new face' and Candy looks the part. Her tits look bigger to  me than Angel's but its amazing what a wonderbra can do.

if you look at the pinkladies photos carefully you can see her right arm seems to be covered in freckles which perhaps may not have  been airbrushed out properly.

so if mademan can confirm that angel of diamonds had her arm covered in freckles that may solve if it is both girls

it also looks like her long hair on both the diamonds and pink ladies pictures both seem to strategically cover her right arm
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Offline themademan2

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