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Author Topic: dolores hot Glasgow  (Read 919 times)

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Offline Rangerslad

Sorry can't post a link because my phone is playing up but I will add one when I get the chance.

Kept getting attracted to her pics so I thought why not I'll try a 15 minutes for £40 and if I like it I'll go back tomorrow for longer.

Text to see if she was available and she said yes and sent the address. Tenement flat in dennistoun area. Only seen the one room as it was a 15 minutes booking and I showered before I went. Basic room with an old sheet on the bed.

Buzzed in and dolores opened the door naked. Nice body Great tits nice wee hard nipples and a nice wobbly bum. Not a tight body but soft, slim and looked after. Facially she was a nice looking girl her skins a bit bad on one side though quite spotty but she's good looking. Her English is good but she has quite a deep voice lol. She's the girl in the pics but obviously they have some good camera work in them

Got the paperwork out of the way and she told me to get stripped and she'll be back. Sat on the bed naked and she came in and grabbed a condom. I said I wanted oral without and she asked for an extra tenner or if I stayed for longer so I said no just do it covered then.

She crouched down and started sucking me but was sort of curled up so I couldn't play with her. Had a wee feel of her tits and she sort of pulled away and said fuck now. I wasn't getting much from the bj so I said ok you go on top. She climbed on top and said she had to go slow because she had just been waxed today. I can't cum unless im putting some effort into it so I told her to bend over. Fucked her hard from behind which she took well only thing was I could smell her fishy hole Which was off putting.

Shot my load and she cleaned me up. I wear good clobber and she started commenting on this saying I must be able to afford to stay longer And started asking me money questions

Overall a good body really my type but never got the chance to explore it properly and after smelling it I'm glad I didn't. Took a hard fuck but didn't do owo as advertised. I won't go back it was nothing special

https://www.adultwork.com/2476668 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dolores%2Dhot

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1 review(s) found for Dolores-hot linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

1 review(s) found for Dolores-hot linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Rangerslad

Cheers mate my phones fucked

Offline Rangerslad

I meant to add there are other girls in the flat. As I was leaving 1 ran across the hall.

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