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Author Topic: New(ish) participant  (Read 1491 times)

Offline robbie

Hi all, wishing you all happy and 'successful' punting ahead!

I'm new to this forum, not new to the NE scene though, or some other UK areas, joined this site as I've found it's a good reference before committing to a booking. Jeez, you guys have saved me a couple of times, from major awkwardness, and little fellow disappointment. Especially on the bait and switches. Before, I used to do it the Guerrilla way, and trust me, some were fab surprises, and some were downright 'stories that you have no idea who you would ever tell'...

So, anyways, kudus to the forum, and looking forward to exchanges of info in the future.

I'll start off with sharing, hehe, as one do in forums, I'm Rob, and I adore pussy....and what the pussy is attached to... :-P

Experiences so far: (apologies - still figuring out how to make links correctly, tips appreciated...)

- Angel (Petra) and Miri. On their own, or together, (they are so sisters) an absolute dream. Unfortunately they are gone now. At least temporary, I think/hope...? I do have further details on them in Prague and Brno, so we never know do we.. Spent some time in Prague a couple of years ago, and had an absolute 'continental' experience over days with Miri... (I think she likes the comfort of her own turf). Once I booked a duo with them in the quayside flats, and it was the most maddening experience ever, having both my hands and nethers occupied at all times, and finishing off with the most amazing titfuck all over Miri's chest while having Petra hold her tits together around my cock, and my fingers ravishing her crotch... still bliss thinking about it...
If perfectly honest, I would have to say that Petra got me through a rough part of my life, years ago, by being the friendly and accommodating and gorgeous vixen she can be. Miri too, but she is still figuring out whether to be an escort or not. They're both typical SD/SB material, as most central european girls are.
- sexxichealsea : if you're in Geordieland and want absolute friendly but horny filth, Chels does it...No mucking around, professional and friendly and right onto your cock, asshole, face or fingers, whatever you require, and being proper slutty and chavvy about it, if that's your fancy... me, I love that kinda stuff... a pure proper whatever you fancy within the timeframe you fancy. If you treat her, she responds in a way so sensually and pragmatically sexual you will never regret it... yes, after hammering her ass out, there might be consequences, but remember, minutes ago, she shoved her tongue and fingers as deep in your ass you'd never imagine...
Savannah of Stockton : biggest surprise in my whole punting career... what a kerfuffle getting to book and make it happen, but wow...she stepped into my car, friendly and fun oriented as, and sexy as, blonde, skinny, gorgeous figure through jeans, MC jacket and high heels, took me through 3 possible outdoor areas, at each one we got caught BJing by midday dog walkers, and moved on to next potential place, finally we found a place in the middle of woods, where she gave the fellow a proper OWO seeing too, then doggy F and A, while leaning up against the young beeches, leafs and all falling everywhere, moaning and ..mmming, and 'yeah fuck my ass' 'cum in my ass' , when we finally were done, the walk through the woods to the path, crossing paths with some midday retired tourers, as we both came through, me in my uniform, and her in her Patched Ducati leather jacket, jeans and bare high heeled feet...? Loved it. Mad.. :drinks:
xxEllie30xx - No DT, but if you pay 20 for a BJ CIM, she GOES AT IT. Big time... never have I had junior more efficiently and agressively attacked in the right way...
Girls at diamonds : no idea anymore, hard enough how they twist things around, I used to just call or txt when I had a moment available, then ask for first possible, and go for it, Charlie was gorgeously tiny and tatted and wet, with amazing protruding pussyflaps that got so moist when licked (she seriously enjoyed that), Faith was very Geordie sexy with tats and hard fit body but  a bit mechanical, Selina so young and inexperienced, but with a brave smile and friendliness, as she tried to please, and had to be guided, so tight though, and love that way they sit slowly down on you, excusing themselves as they add a bit of lube, and slip down with that look of smiling accomplishment, almost saying 'ok, do me now' with those eyes of 'not to rough'...
British Steele/Krystal Champagne/ Tawny : used to do the same, she was very tight, and fit, and 'innocent in her ways', used to see her a lot right as she got her new boobs, and started her punk/alt style, even got in a couple of A sessions with her, before she realised this was not for her the 'industrial way'... (still love watching my videos of that, with the 'oo slow down..ee not that deep.., aaa enough now do you mind.. before excusing herself..) she adored being filmed and photographed though, fancied herself as the new top model didn't she, and we made some, hot if you ask me, stuff together, she just couldn't really cope with/adjust to the 'traffic' I guess,.

xx Danni xx/ Kelly Morpeth: mmm gorgeous. some genuine pics, some not, but still a good representation, so fit and petite and slenderly sexpot of a mature girl, friendly and hot and direct, professional and willing, slightly holding back at first, but a fab time spent every time. So amazing to watch and feel slowly sliding down on you... and the way she empties you BJ in the end is beyond memorable. last time I was there she was sideways to me with my fingers way up and joining her lips' rhythm, and it was almost as we were cumin together.

Not so fabulous:
Sky Diamonds/sexiiskye on POF (used to be on AW for a short time with similar nick) : nice enough, but oldie chav, with flappy tummy, and harrowed face and body, cool if you like the hard slut type, which I sometimes do, she will take 60 off you for entering with her on the floor in her hallway, naked and on her knees, money handed to her as she takes the cock in her mouth (no real DT just gag) and happy to take A while standing against the wall, basically I think anything goes there within what she's able to, and wants to do for cash, if you can cope with the mostly dopeheaded conversation.

Naughty chic on aw - phew... went through the whole ordeal, and absolute exhausting comms, to finally get there and have an actually brilliant cum, on her tits, to very sloppy spurting accompanying sounds from her fingered pussy, and left happy, but that was enough for this one, very much that kind that will eventually find that playing dominatrix/findom will work better for her.

Anyways - bit of introduction there, I'll get more specific re links and stuff when I've figured it out. For now, happy fellow punting, and looking forward to more tips and advise ahead..!


Offline Toshiba

ermmm hello  :hi:

you could of just said that  :lol:

Offline johnr1

ermmm hello  :hi:

you could of just said that  :lol:

Haha .... I thought Hello would have done but good introduction never the less  :D
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Offline toon972

I have been here two and a half years and I think he has written more words than me.

I think he just needed to get it off his chest.
Very informative I found.

Offline toon972

Agreed,he is genuine as well.

Offline JN

very jealous of you having seen Petra and Mira  :hi:
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Offline robbie

Thanks for the warm 'welcome' guys :-)  :hi:

Hehe not so much 'getting it off my chest', more like providing a quick summary and introduction I guess. As I mentioned, this site has been a great pre-booking tool for me, several times saving me from awkward and definitely disappointing, potentially traumatic experiences. Jeez only knows, had a few of those in my debut period, and later, before I discovered UKP. It is only fair I reckon, to start contributing myself. So going to write some reviews and comments and threads from now on, hopefully tipping off and saving others as I have been tipped off and saved myself.
I'm glad to hear some of you like the detailed information, I do of course try to be reasonably polite and not too pervy, as we are talking about some wonderful ladies (most of them anyway), at the same time it is hard to describe services and experiences, especially the mindblowing ones, without a few juicy and raunchy details and descriptive superlatives. Direct and honest sharing within reason will be the way forward for sure.
Oh, one little thing I forgot to mention in my intro, about the Diamonds girls:
- I used to do this, right - lived quite close by for a while, and very close to Diamonds' Heaton flat there was a genuine pro sportsmassage place with a girl called Michelle, who really knew how to 'beat you up' the right way. Her magic hands and elbows sorted my back out fabulously many a time. One of those massage sessions that leaves you just smiling and giggling foolishly, and barely managing to move, think, or accomplish anything useful for the rest of the day. Even so, there's always that little thing missing, right...? And I couldn't bring myself to ask, in fear of offending her and being banned or something, so I found the perfect combo - first off to a Diamonds half hour, down the road, then an hour with the magic Michelle. Sometimes even a second round with Diamonds after, just to really make sure I would be doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, except trying to remember my own name, find my way home, and call in sick for the rest of the day...
It was a fantastic setup that, shame I don't live in that area anymore. I think Michelle has moved her business elsewhere too.

Offline robbie

Ooops sorry there guys, correction - her name was Melissa, not Michelle....
Senior moments already, not good....

Offline robbie

 JN - yes, jealous of my schizophrenic self, for that actually, Miriam and Petra are in my eyes both sexy stunners, each of them in her own way, very friendly and enthusiastic, no BS, and both create an atmosphere that can not be classified as anything else than proper gorgeous naughty and steaming Euro erotic gymnastics. I'm sure some others here will agree bigtime.

Offline Tiger63

I too am getting back into punting....slowly.
Did a bit in the late 80s and the early 90s but it was mainly street girls and very risky.
Booked a couple of girls in the last few months but didnt really enjoy it....they both made me come but it was not the best experience.
So for now Iam trying massage bookings and its somthing Iam enjoying.
I know I`ll progress to WGs but for now Iam happy doing it this way

Offline Tiger63

Also forgot to add that there has been a few timewasters as well which puts you off.

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