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Author Topic: Louise L  (Read 747 times)

5 review(s) for Riley Reed  (1 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline p3ngu1n

I paid Louise a visit when she was touring Leeds. She was hosting from the Park Plaza by the train station opposite Queens which is a decent location.

https://www.adultwork.com/1460452 OR https://www.adultwork.com/Louise+L+

Location (10/10)
Perfect spot. No problems walking in.

Comms (8/10)
Set up meet via AW booking. Sent her a text to say I was on my way - traffic was a bit heavy so I let her know I'd be delayed by about 10mins which she seemed fine with

Looks (4/10 ...no make that 3/10!)
If ever there was a profile photoshopped to death, THIS IS IT. Absolutely, positively nothing like the pictures! Her face looks more like a cross between Peggy from Eastenders and Cilla Black...and not in a good way. Ridiculous hairstyle as well which looked like a bird's nest. She's not ugly don't get me wrong, but nothing like the pics suggest

VFM (3/10)
A little photoshopping is ok and all WGs do it, but this is straight LYING. Service is nothing to write home about - for someone with over-flattering pics, you'd think she'd make up for it with good service at least

The Meet (4/10)
Text and comms was brilliant, and I was really REALLY looking forward to meeting up. When I finally did, her looks turned out to be average :thumbsdown:. Body-wise she has a bit of a belly, which I found unattractive - nothing like the pics. Big boobs which scream FAKE and top that off with caked-on make-up and a hairstyle which could shame a drag queen in Soho. The room was a mess - I know I'm in a queue of dicks but FFS tidy up a bit!! She quickly proceeded to chat for a bit and I immediately got the sense she wanted to talk her way through the punt! So I stripped and got her to suck me off (mainly to shut her up). Her oral was ok, nothing special ...and twice she stopped to chat (seriously b*tch, focus!!). If I want a chit-chat I'll stay at home and talk to the missus. Then got the hat on and moved onto sex in mish. This is when she launched in OTT sounds when I'd barely got going! To amuse myself, I stopped half-thrust and her moaning was still going! WGs must think we're idiots!

Anyway, didn't pop (wasn't really into it ... her turning out to be rather below my expectations was deflating) so I told her to suck off me for a bit, which she did with a bit more enthusiasm this time, although she was squeezing my bollocks like someone checking for lumps. Switched to doggy. This was better, as I didn't have to look at her caked-up make-up and ridiculous hair. Pumped her for a bit and first pop done. Then had a chit-chat and wasn't really feeling like another go. I was disappointed with how she turned out looks-wise. So I told her I was going - she seemed puzzled and asked if I wanted another pop. No thanks love!

Not a rubbish punt as such, just no WOW factor to it. I did ponder whether to go neutral instead of negative, but negative seems fitting. She's not as toned as the pics show, and her service could improve - I've met WGs who were bigger than her but were more pleasant

5 review(s) found for Riley Reed  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Definitely sounds like a negative to me mate.  The deception of the images is a big factor in that.  Must be difficult to walk by the time you get to that stage even before money handed over because there's still that thought that she'll be fucking amazing in the sack. 

TOFTT there I reckon, good review.

(...)To amuse myself, I stopped half-thrust and her moaning was still going! (...)

hahahahaha i like your style.

You should've walked when her looks were so much different than the photos.

Really bad punt and negative well deserved...

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