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Author Topic: To anyone who has used amour?  (Read 957 times)

I really should of asked this sooner but i have a booking with amour for tomorrow and its the first time i've used an agency, So my question is what is the best way to confirm the booking (Text or phone) and how soon do you get the address so i can plan my journey there.

Offline dino1990

you can book via text but you usually have to confirm before 10am on the day via text. You will be given the address once you've confirmed with them.

Looks stunning. Enjoy, look forward to hearing your feedback, if you're willing to share.

I'm planning on writing a review which should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon

Offline frenchhorn

if you ask for a rough address now they will probably give you post code so you can plan most of your journey
never had any problems with amour
Banning reason: Idiot who won't accept rule against STD allegations

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