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Author Topic: Advice needed - Antwerp  (Read 431 times)

Hello lads! Ive punted a few times in London and will be going to Amsterdam next week. I was planning a train trip to Antwerp anyway and then I saw Silvie's profile on a few sites-exactly what I am after - pale, really skinny and a student! Not sure how legitimate she is though? I rang the number and spoke to her "driver" who said she was free when I wanted and she was the girl in the picture. Ive asked him to either email or text me some more details but hasnt done so. What di you reckon-B&S? Can you reccomend a similar girl in the Amsterdam or Antwerp area?? Thank you


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Welcome to the board on your first post, her pic looks genuine, but €190 a hr is on the high side for Belgium, so you plan is to pass through Antwerpen on the train, then to Amsterdam, why you going to Amsterdam?

Thanks for the reply. She has/or rather her Pimp has replied saying she can't send me anymore pictures for privacy issues. It sounds a bit dodgy to me as that picture looks very amateur and could have been taken by any teenager really. I am going to Amdterdam and wanted to go to Antwerp (Mechelen) because of her- I can't find another fresh looking, skinny and pale girl like her:/ suggestions are more than welcome

Offline Jerboa

You want to find young fresh girls like that, go to a German saunaclub.

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