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Author Topic: Pretty Girl J.J.  (Read 1435 times)

Offline coyq

Hi, I was thinking of making a booking with Pretty Girl J.J.in Hastings.  Reviews look very good. Anyone had the pleasure?

Offline James999

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Not seen her, but agree with James999 - her body looks "tired".

If you like that sort of thing, which is not bad for her advertised age, why not TOFTT?

Offline Secretweapon

Haven't seen her since she gave up bareback service.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline prettygirl jj

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hi thought id reply to the bitchy comments on here
a im 46..... if my body looks tired how come im told everyday how good my body looks ...i gave up smoking a few months ago and look even better ...lets see how you look james 999 ...sitting behind your computer ...dishing out the dirt youve obviously have a problem anyway ....deal with it im super busy i have fantastic reviews and i probably make a lot more money than you do ...
i have beautiful tits too ..
and i dont appreciate the comments about bareback either .. :unknown:
Banning reason: Bad attitude + Insulting towards members

Offline big boy

Cor I think she's lovely seen her a couple of times I would definitely recommend her ...she's lovely inside and out ..beautiful smile and a cracking personality
Banning reason: prettygirl jj pretending to be a punter and posting about herself

Offline Bonkers

James, James, James, you never learn do you. I remember the right mauling you got on this thread about Annabelle Delight. Shall we remind everyone:

……… and your further post decrying her age is worthy of any 6th former trying to look smart in front of the 1st yrs.

That was 18mths ago so surely you should be in the upper 6th now, mature and responsible?!?!

We all had a good laugh about that on the other forum.

Which brings me to Juliette, now renamed ‘deliciously sexy’.
Yes she is older than some, but no way past her sell by date, and that is her genuine age. Remember with age comes experience and I guarantee that within seconds she will have you hard and will drain your balls dry.
I have seen her some four times I think and unlike some she does do ALL of her enjoys. This lady just loves sex.
Note on her profile:
And best bum in town ..inside and out haha xxxxx
That’s so very true, she really does enjoy. So if that’s your thing ….
As coyq says, her reviews look very good, so there’s no need James to decry other’s enjoyment is there?

I can’t recall whether it’s the Hindu or Buddhist religion that believe that if you live a good life then you we be reincarnated at a higher level, and vice versa.
So just in case it applies to all humanity James then you really should take notice as your reincarnation might land up as this:

Which brings me to the bareback post by Secretweapon.

There was talk of bareback when she first started out, but from what I gather this was confusion with oral sex being bare, as in OWO.
She does offer OWO, but all sex is with a condom, whether its in her pussy or her tight little asshole, and she will happily taste your spunk.

Secretweapon is banned for being a troll, as this post of his was designed to smear the name of secretweapon who is in fact myself on another forum.
Read the full story here, and why I chose the nic Bonkers - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=57460.msg741977#msg741977

Would be good to see a review from you coyq to confirm to these doubting Thomases  my experience with this lady.


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