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Author Topic: Pro Fetish Slut - Wolverhampton  (Read 7400 times)

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Offline Sonny Crockett

Pro Fetish Slut / Tallulah Tease - https://www.adultwork.com/816047 or https://www.adultwork.com/Pro+Fetish+Slut

11th January 2015 - 1hr incall - £120 (all-inclusive)

Pro Fetish Slut was a WG whom I considered seeing in December 2014 when I first came across her AW profile. I had realised that she was the pornstar Tallulah Tease, whose porn clips I've seen on the internet (which was pure filth and such a turn-on for me). I had e-mailed requesting to see her on 21st and 26th December but never recieved a reply (in fact she didn't log in until early Jan 2015). After those dates had passed I had an e-mail from her stating she would be happy to see me anytime and gave her mobile number.

The previous day I had a punt with Lexxi Rocks in Leeds, whose PSE was filthy and fantastic. In the morning of 11th January, I was still feeling the great effects of my punt with Lexxi, so as a result I remembered Tallulah's e-mail and decided to text to ask if she was available at 5pm for a 1hr incall meet. A few hours later she texted to confirm that she was and that she would text me the postcode. I thought to myself... that's great, I hope that I could get a dirty weekend and have an even more filthier time with Tallulah Tease. So I headed down by train to Wolverhampton.

However I had recieved no text from Tallulah until 4:45pm (15 mins before the punt), where she then asked if I was still wanting to see her (???). Retrospectively, I can now see this as a first warning sign of the how the punt was to turn out. I texted her to say yes, so she then texted the postcode and then asked if I could 5:30pm. I replied to her to say no I couldn't, so she then replied to say fine and asked when I would arrive and I said 5:10pm.

Once I arrived at her place, I was then led to the room where the punt would happen. I must say that the room looked like an office cum living room, complete with a wooden desk, desktop computer (which was switched on and had internet porn... more on that later!!!), a sofa, a pole in front of a mirror, and a flat screen TV. The room was adorned with pornographic artworks, and also the room seemed to smell of weed. :vomit:

This punt turned out to be one of the strangest and most underwhelming punts I have ever undertaken!!!!!! :thumbsdown: The services undertaken were Body Kissing, OWO, Rimming, and Anal. None of the services were delivered to the standard that I would have expected from such a hardcore pornstar. :thumbsdown:


Tallulah seemed a friendly and chatty person throughout the meet.


However this also was the problem with Tallulah..... She was far too chatty!!!!! :dash: For the first 15 to 20 mins she just sat on her deskchair and in front of her computer situated on a brown wooden desk, looking at internet porn, smoking and giving endless commentaries about internet porn and giving her own opinions about people who look at internet porn. :dash: She also at one point asked me to sit down on her sofa and asked me questions about what I wanted in the punt. :bomb: Also Tallulah seemed to have had an obsession with the pornstar Hilary Scott, bragging about how Hilary Scott had liked one of her pictures and asking me whether she should respond to Hilary Scott.  :bomb:

At this point I was naked, but felt like a spare part with Tallulah, and seemed to get the impression that I was visiting a 15 year old boy's bedroom while his parents were out, and not with a pornstar escort. :dash: :bomb:

When it did finally come round to the part which I really wanted with Tallulah (the sex - I wanted a PSE with anal), I must say that was a massive disappointment. :thumbsdown: There was absolutely no flow with the proceedings, where on a few occasions Tallulah went out of the room to get certain things or go to the toilet. :dash: Also I could not get to kiss or lick Tallulah's body fully, in that when I got round to licking her tits, she giggled and pulled away abruptly, stating that her nipples are very ticklish. :dash: At one point in the booking, when I was fucking her arse in doggy, Tallulah abruptly stopped and ran out of the room to the toilet. I waited around in her living room/teenage boy's room/office for a few minutes like a gimp waiting for her, until she came back and gave OWO. At the end I came on her tits, and headed for the showers. :dash: :thumbsdown: :bomb:

When I finished my shower and headed back to Tallulah's makeshift office, she was sitting once again in front of her computer and looking at porn. As I was getting ready, I heard Tallulah going "ooh", "uuh", "ooh", at her computer. When I looked at her screen, I found that she was making those sounds to her own bloody pictures. I asked her if she was getting off on her own pictures... to which she said.. "NO" (I wonder however!!!!). :angry: :dash: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:


A very strange but ultimately very underwhelming punt!!!! :dash: In no way did my experience with Tallulah Tease match what she advertise on her AW page or her performances in her porn films. In the first 15 to 20 mins of the punt, it was like I visiting a teenage boys bedroom (in what seemed like a trip down memory lane to my teenage years with my own friends!!!), where she was far too obsessed with Hilary Scott. :dash: If I wanted to look at internet porn, then I would do this at my own home, not with a WG. :dash: I don't punt to look at internet porn and listen to endless droning about the world of internet porn. :dash: I punt to have sex and feel like that I am in my own porn movie. When it did come to sex with Talullah, I have to say it was crap!!!!! :dash: :bomb:

I would certainly not recommend seeing Tallulah Tease based on my experiences!!!!! :thumbsdown: :dash: :bomb:

Anyone who does decide to punt with Tallulah, should do so on the condition that there is not a single computer on sight in her room!!!!  :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:  :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:  :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
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Offline willbred


Sounds like she's started to believe some of her own hype and losing the plot. Also sounds like she's up her own arse ( makes a change from the punter) as they say in Wolves.

...and I was getting worried about the level of my clandestine porn goggling ( sorry...research)
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Offline r1965h

Have to agree with the review.

I have been seeing Pro Fetish Slut for over 5 years and the quality of the punts has gone downhill. The last two have been particularly disappointing. She just didn't seem interested the last time, showed far more interest in downing two large bottle of Peroni.

Shame really because she was a fantastic punt a few years ago.

I've emailed her in the past but her comment answering somebody's question saying can I cum twice in a 30min booking puts me off. She replies  "it's once and we all know that" it gives me the impression she's not the kind of girl I'm looking for

Offline Yoda69

Dude gutted for you.....but I must admit it's ine of the funniest reviews I've read
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Has anyone seen her recently? I am tempted to see her but if she still that bad I may pass.

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