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Author Topic: Miss Ashton - Nottingham  (Read 2282 times)

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I'm sat in a cafe in the centre of Nottingham watching people pass by in the street outside. I have a meeting later in the afternoon with some stuck up cow who thinks we've not delivered according to the statement of works - and I intend to get her tied up in knots and walk away with a purchase order for additional work by about 4 this afternoon. However, in the meantime, I'm looking out of the cafe window. The men are identical with black suits and noddy haircuts. The women don't vary their style much either, but there's some nice birds around. Dirty office girls. Just like the one serving me coffee and a Danish. She walks around with her nose in the air like she's renting a room at Newstead Abbey. Can't be more than 22 but thinks she's a cut above the rest. Birds like this are easy to work out. They come from money and are bred to be arrogant. They look down on ordinary girls. Slag them off as common. But get one of them stuck up girls between the sheets and their away - right dirty cows. Arrogance makes for a good shag. I smile at the girl as she gives me my order. She lifts her head and turns away. She'll get a fucking nose bleed if she's not careful. Her nostrils are up there in space denting satellites. But I let her think I'm hooked. She walks off rolling her shapely arse.

I've got half an hour to kill before I see Miss Ashton and I've seen her before and she is sound and I'm thinking about her in a 3 some with the cafe girl and how she might show her a thing or two and I would get her to piss into the cafe girl's mouth to begin with and thn lets see how it goes - maybe get the cafe girl to service a few punters for a day or so and and see how stuck up she is then after she's had a couple of gallons of spunk on her face. I want to laugh. It's a classic.

So I'm parked up outside Miss Ashton's place in Nuthall and have a final check of work emails before I ring to say I'm her. Then MA texts me to say 'ready' and I'm up the stairs and inspecting her tanned arse as she walks up the stairs and I gphave to say she looks fucking awesome with the tan and tattoos and I'm already feeling horns and depraved and before I've even got my suit off she has the poppers on a cotton wool pad and holding it to my nose and telling me to sniff and we're in a nice room with a big round beg and next thing she is on her front with her arse pushed up in the air and Inviting me to lick, suck and eat her arse and pussy from behind and I'm doing this and sniffing poppers at the same time and I don't know where I am at this stage as the room is caving in and all I can do is smell her arse and pussy and she is grinding it further into my face and telling me to sniff harder and I am totally fucked by this stage so she gets up and poses for me like a lap dancer bending over pulling her arse cheeks apart shoving her fingers down her throat and all the time I'm wanking my cock and staring at her like an imbecile and I want to fuck her but I can't form the words but she understands this and she is on her back and slipping a condom on to my cock and the next thing I'm inside her and fucking her really slowly and sniffing poppers at the same time but I can hardly move as I don't want to come just yet and MA gets this so she is lying their all still like but luring out a load of filth at the same time and telling me to ring my missus up and have a little chat with her. And then before I know it, I am on the flow and MA is squatting over ny cock and preparing to piss on me and I'm thinking about the cafe girl and how I'd get her to take it in the mouth and Paul Weller is singing 'That's Entertainment' on the stereo and I think this is a pretty good way to come and the piss is flowing and I am wanking and she is telling me what a cunt I am and I'm spurting come everywhere and it's hitting my chest and my head is caving in and she is looking for the phone to call an ambulance - but I'm really ok and just need a couple of minutes to calm my head down and she giggles and the. I'm searching for the cash to pay up and we have a chat about the old days at Shepshed and then I'm back down the stairs and I'm on my way and driving back into Nottingham to see my awkward and dissatisfied client and then I'm walking towards her office and for some reason I'm thinking about being a catholic and squaring up that with what I've just been doing and to get that out of my mind I start to think about how good it is to be English - St.Georges day an all and think about the English abroad and my grandad at Dunkirk and all that stuff - we are English and we go from Country to country doing whatever we want, flushing out resistance. Battering the fuck out of anyone who wants to have a go. We're proud to be English and proud of our culture. We're doing the stroppy cunts once and for all.

2 review(s) found for missashtonxxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Great review as usual.

Do we have to wait for the sequel to find out what happened in the meeting with the stuck up cow?

Cheers mate - yes next instalment !!

Offline Diehard

PMSL! That was a funny review. Only thing I would counter with is any girl who is serving coffee and a Danish can't be arrogant, some customers would click their fingers at her. If she were arrogant she wouldn't serve them....but I bet she does.....

You should have offered Miss Ashton an extra 100 quid if she dared go and try and pull the canteen girl and bring her back!!!!!!!

Offline Stickitin

Seen her probably half a dozen times over a 10 year period, she has popped up in various massage parlours over that time. She was the second girl whose arse I stuck my cock in lol.

She's a better than average punt I would say.

Offline CoolTiger

Seen her probably half a dozen times over a 10 year period, she has popped up in various massage parlours over that time. She was the second girl whose arse I stuck my cock in lol.

She's a better than average punt I would say.

Her profile has been around for a long while. I've not been to see her in that time as no OWO is on offer, one of my pre-requisite before I book any girl. Quite a few decent East Mids
WGs have slipped through the net as a result, but I have no regrets. Needs must be met!!  :cool:

Offline Owwhatanight

Mutiny your reviews just get better and sure John Cooper Clarke would laugh as much as we do.
You bring a bit of fun to this site....have you ever fucked without poppers though ?????

Offline Zeusthedoc

This reads like a Danny Wallace page in 'Shortlist' magazine.


Standard depraved filth...i'd be bloody worried she'd call the rozzers and have me wisked off.
Seen her twice now i think, poked both holes both times good safe punt if your in a bind and in need of some expert relief..

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