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Author Topic: Stunning Julie - Colindale  (Read 2070 times)

26 review(s) for Stunning Julie (17 positive, 6 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Nk14

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/1880063 or https://www.adultwork.com/Stunning+Julie

Price: 1 hour - £120

Location: really nice apartment 5 minutes walk from Colindale station and in the opposite direction of where Khloe works from.

What took place:


Facially, i found her really attractive. Shes all natural and doesnt cake her face up like the majority do and she still managed to look better than others. She has a slim figure, nice tits and a nicely shaped ass. Tried to book her again before she goes back as she told me shes going back for good sometime this week!! :unknown: :( her english is really good and she can hold a decent conversation. She only works until 8.30pm. I booked to see her at 7.30 and was running late and managed to get there at 7.45. I informed her by text and she replied that she would only be able to see me for 45 minutes Which i still agreed to as it was my fault. However, i ended up staying to 9 as we got in to some really interesting debate inbetween the rounds and it was already 8.30. She then initiated round 2 at what was suppose to be the time for me to leave but she just got on with it. So definitely not a clock watcher.

Round 1 consisted of FK moving in to DFK. Good technique with OWO i.e licking all around, ball licking, the tip and in between the butthole and bottom of my balls which felt really good. Time for the rubber and she hopped on top grinding then going on to the frog position which she took a good pounding considering how tight she was (whilst fingering she could barely take 2 fingers as this was causing her some discomfort). Flipped her around to doggy and finished after a good few minutes of pounding.

During the break, she was just replying to my questions and i was doing all the talking. Some awkward silence and i asked for a massage however she couldnt as it was difficult to perform with her long nails which i was fine with. Suddenly, a topic came up which I wont discuss here and bang she completely transformed and i was the one who couldnt even get a word in. After 30 minutes of talking she then figured it was time to go about starting round 2. I took a glimpse at her watch and saw that it was home time and wanted to see what she would do and she took me by suprise by looking at her watch and continuing on to round :thumbsup: 2

Round 2 was more cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, moved on to mish and finished in her mouth.

Overall was a positive punt and im gutted i didnt see her sooner as she will be leaving. Hopefully, she does return as they all do. :thumbsup:

26 review(s) found for Stunning Julie linked to in above post (17 positive, 6 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline marty_mcfly

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Banning reason: Unstable

No photo and feedback is hidden.

She always do it when on holiday in Poland. Sometimes she even puts her AW profile offline.  :hi:

Offline The_Don

No she gone and may not return. I spoke with her in the last few weeks.

Also confirmed my 2 of her colleges (both I've punted)

Offline SamLP

Her profile was deactivated for several months so it seems she came back to make a few ££. She hasn't deactivated it again so I guess she may be back sometime again. I tried booking her a few weeks ago when I saw her profile reappear but couldn't get a time that suited me. Met her once but never punted with her when she let me in as I saw her flatmate. I didn't find her stunning but she had a really nice smile and a friendly attitude.

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