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Author Topic: Verification Photos  (Read 639 times)

Offline JoeSmith

So came across this girl. She looks cute; I check her verification photo and see her holding her ID. And I think... I wonder if she is on Facebook.

She has a kid and a boyfriend, all of her photos and posts very open for anybody to see, including recently visited locations.

I'm in two minds.

On one hand, being able to see those photos helps to verify who they are and puts our minds at ease. Particularly when I see 23 year old girls with ID saying they were born in 1986!

But then again, I feel like this could easily be abused.

Is this something which is worth contacting the girl about, to warn her that all of her details are not private? Or do I say nothing which obviously benefits us good and honest punters, but which has the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands?

Offline Trevor12

A) I don't think Sergi would give a shit.

B) Some girls may misinterpret your warning as a threat, particularly if their English is not brilliant.

Offline Pauluk1

Don't worry about her and her profile too much.
If you want to fuck her, do it.  If not don't.

Offline sam55

My rule of thumb.
If I find out anything about a WG, be it on FB, twitter or whatever, i keep it very much to myself.

I've seen loads of stuff about girls, it's quite difficult to be discrete when your pics are all over the internet with your tits out!

As above, you don't really know how the girl would take it, some might thank you, others might think you're a stalker.

I did stumble across some photos lifted from the PG of a very regular WG of mine on another site with a different name and location. I told her and she was very grateful, she e-mailed the guy and got them taken down.

Offline Yanusmc

Which girl, am i missing something?

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