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Offline mr small

www.adultwork.com/2384421 or https://www.adultwork.com/keeymi

After plans A and B for this morning  fell through last night had to sort plan C this morning  :dash:

Quick phone call to confirm some details and arranged to meet within the hour, her English is good, accents a little shaky sometimes  :thumbsup:
Old apartment block in south side is not the easiest to get to, not very pleasant looking either outside or in - wouldn't park my ferrari here  :sarcastic:

Buzzed in and met at door by Keymi in cute little pants and corset as per her photos, another girl who needs to find a better photographer as she is definitely prettier and shapelier in the flesh  :kissgirl:

Led through to bedroom and as stated above not very pleasant room, bed sheet looked very tired and stained , I gave the benefit of the doubt that maybe as it was an old sheet some stains hadn't washed out  :vomit:

Paperwork out the way and straight into owo with a little DT, watching her pretty little face and lovely lips was a definite pleasure  :wacko:
Says she doesn't do  69's due to back problems :unknown:

On with the jacket and through various positions to admire the view - she has a gorgeous tiny little pair with very responsive nipples and a stunning pair of legs. (kept her heels on so no idea of her feet for the fetish boys - sorry ) plenty of action and energy in cowgirl.

Had a little bit of anal action (£20 extra) but she looked to be genuinely struggling - she is quite tiny - don't know if she struggles with this or if someone rattled it this morning / last night,

CIM was a further extra I decided to skip to come on those lovely little tits but overshot the mark by about 5 foot, haven't blown that much or that far in about 30 years  :crazy:

So apologies to anyone finding damp spots this afternoon   :P
(she did say she would change it but I wasn't convinced  :unknown: )

Decent overall punt as I loved her looks and figure but let down by location, extras not clearly stated on profile ( sorted over phone and at start of meet), a little robotic and lack of kissing (if she doesn't want to kiss she should take french kissing out of her profile)  :dash:
Ohhh and not sure if I heard her right but I think she said she is living with her mother  :bomb:

just checked her profile and it says B cup but definitely an A cup  :hi:

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3 review(s) found for keeymi linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stuart_gla

Ohhh and not sure if I heard her right but I think she said she is living with her mother  :bomb:

Hopefully not her brother     :scare:

Offline chico1000

Was cim another £20 Stuart.
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Offline chico1000

I think this girl has taken over the profile of a Romanian who was here a few months back but has since gone back home
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Offline mr small

same girl, just updated her pictures, been assured by previous visitor  :hi:

Offline chico1000

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Offline RandyF

WOW. She does not look like a gypo does she!? West coast pasty albino.

Slip Craigmillar or Polmont into her nationality and she'd have me fooled every time.

Nothing I can see here would have me believing she or the old hag wouldn't dump the soiled sheets in the wash between clients. Fastidious sort I'm sensing. Professional operation  :rose:
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