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Author Topic: Wet and dirty  (Read 1260 times)

Offline foggy30

Hi guys has anyone seen wet and dirty of adult work sorry can't do link.

There was a thread about her somewhere, fuck for a gift off her wish list or some such, never seen her but if I recall correctly she had items for a tenner or less, bargain however you look at it. No pictures except for one of her arse (if its hers) and £40 private gallery, smells like a scam to me!

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Offline onlyandy

Deffo not a scam chaps, I've seen her a few times, friendly, pleasant attractive. Always had goood appointments with her

Offline shengfan

I turned up to her place near Binchester couple of yars ago, and promptly walked....large Alsation roaming around and face not pretty at all. Im my opinion she is to be avoided.
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