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Author Topic: Can anyone help me make a decision?  (Read 683 times)

Sine lacie switched to outcalls i've been torn between seeing
Leigha - http://www.newcastleescortsagency.co.uk/escort.php?escort=1016
Kym - http://www.newcastleescortsagency.co.uk/escort.php?escort=324
Has anyone visited these girls? and can help me make a decision on who to see

Offline Gothic D

I can definitely recommend Kym.I have seen her a few times and she never fails me.I am sorry to see that she has mostly gone to outcalls now as it's quite hard to get to see her.Always looking,smelling and tasting great and full of energy and enthusiasm even if you are the last client of the day.

Sorry but I cannot help you on the other one but she does look good.

Thanks Gothic, i've seen quite a lot of good feedback from kym on this site so i think i'm more inclined to see her even more so with your say, All i know of leigha is she used to be Jodie from NG but even with that there isn't much on her on the site.

Offline Gothic D

Now I might be getting confused a bit here so don't take this as gospel but I am sure I saw Jodie from NG a long time ago.
It was if I remember a very good appointment but if it is her then she is a lot lot older than the 35 she claims to be.
Hopefully someone else will be able to give you better information than me on her.

Hmm i don't think i mind her being a bit older than 35 (as long as its not over 50) got quite a thing for older girls but if the appointment was good i may just take a hit and see leigha to create some feedback for the site

Ended up booking with leigha for friday, Slightly easier for me to reach then kym and leigha seems more my type so thanks for the help gothic and to everyone else ill write a review friday

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