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Author Topic: xxjadeybabeyxx24 (Bathgate)  (Read 1427 times)

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Just returned from my first visit to Jade who I haven't met before and have to say one of the best I've seen (both in Scotland and the North East where I lived before).  I was a little nervous meeting someone new having been visiting a girl regularly since I moved to Scotland who unfortunately packed in recently after settling down with her new fella.

Jades communications were spot on, although she wasn't available the first time I contacted her she did email back later with some times she was working and we arranged a meeting.

Flat is in a very quiet residential area of Bathgate (one of the better parts it has to be said) and was fairly easy to find although the numbering system of the houses was a bit confusing but I got there in the end!  On arrival led to the bedroom which was clean and tidy although the carpet had the remnants of a feather boa which her dog had attacked whilst she was out on Saturday night...it mustn't like being left alone eh!

Jade was dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings and the first thing that struck me was her awesome G cup boobs, even better in real life than the photos on her profile, which incidentally don't really do her full justice.  She was immaculately made up and smelt awesome too, clearly takes real pride in herself.

Onto the action and Jade asked if I would like a massage which I accepted, it was the perfect way to relax but she soon span me over and offered Oral.  She even asked if I wanted with or without which I thought was a nice touch before getting to work.  She had the most amazing deepthroat skills and clearly enjoyed the sloppy BJ as she worked eagerly.

Then onto the main event and things just got better, its rare (or at least it has been for me in the past) to find a girl who seems to genuinely enjoy what she is doing but her face and very wet pussy suggested that she really was into it.  Had sex in 2 positions before she asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth or in the condom (again another rarity for me).  I opted to CIM and she dropped to her knees without hesitation swallowing every last drop.

Afterwards it didn't feel hurried, we lay chatting and she carried on tickling away at me (leaving me wishing I'd taken enough cash to go again!) and that just made the whole experience feel a lot more personal.  Would highly recommend without hesitation!!

p.s There is some feedback on AW which suggests she is a timewaster, to be fair if I'd wanted to meet there and then when I first contacted her I might have thought the same but once she got back in touch with her availability things progressed really smoothly.  She did say she has a day job and this is part time and obviously has to fit in around that but if you have a little patience I think you will find its worth the wait!!

7 review(s) found for xxjadeybabeyxx24 linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline chilly

Thanks for the review

I've contacted jade before but haven't arranged a meet yet

Can you tell me if she does DFK or not ?

Couple of things...

Previous feedbsck suggests she is quite big, is this the case?

Also what is her offer on her page.....it's not clear is is £50 for 30mins just now?

Offline chico1000

Bit of a coincidence here I also saw Jade yesterday it was a cracking punt for £50 for half hour which is a deal she has on for a couple of weeks.  Fully endorse what the new poster has said here, it is very simalier to my experience so rather than do a full review I will just add bits which may be helpful to members visiting.  Firstly the sauna boys may know her she is also called Bianca and still works the odd day at Scorpios.  She was previously worked at LSS and Newtown. She has a very pretty face with good teeth and lovely smile she is tall and size 12 and a little curvy but not fat.  She probably will not suit the stick thin brigade or the naturalists but I thought she was stunning.  During the punt she kept her basque on so she may have a bit a tummy but she carried herself very well.  When she opened the door to me her breasts nearly poked my eyes out and for the first time in a wee while she got the wee man going with just me looking at her. Jade was friendly and a good laugh made me feel quickly at ease.  Her flat was slightly untidy but clean she explained about the dog to me also and that she had just moved in. Nothing scary clean towels in bathroom and offer of a shower and drink. Sex was very simalier to OP very very good BJ.  On to sex Jade would not get on top said she had an injury so we went into mish.  Very good and enthusiastic with proper DFK.  After a few minutes I asked her to finish me off and came in mouth she then stood up swallowed and licked her lips.  Just as well I read the thread about the pineapple juice. I don't know if that's why she then high fived me after I came.
Not got the body of a super model but stunning enough to push all my buttons and very good fun.
Will return when I am in the area.
Banning reason: Troll

Yes DFK was on offer so it was the full GFE mixed up with a bit of porn star!!

I noticed the report regarding her been a bit bigger, I'm not exactly thin myself so don't tend to pay this too much attention but I would say as the poster above suggested she would be a dress size 12 and if you like "skinny" girls then she's maybe not for you but she's certainly not enormous by any stretch, you don't really notice to be honest cause she is quite a tall person and her tits sort of draw your attention away from anything else!

I think the £50 half hour and £100 hour are a special rate given she has moved in only recently but to be quite honest (in my opinion) she is easily worth her normal advertised rates when her prices do return to normal.

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