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I was encouraged by fellow punters to post a review of my forthcoming meeting with Lucy in a general discussion thread upon meeting with submissives.

Lucy is well-known as a more dominant girl, but I have something of a thing for taking such girls into an exploration of their more submissive side and was very happy when Lucy agreed to try that out.

This booking was in March but this review was delayed for personal reasons unconnected with Lucy.

This was our second first meeting and Lucy and I had already cussed the possibility of her exploring the dormant submissive side of her personality. A three hour booking was arranged to allow for a proper testing of this new facet of this gorgeous lady.

There are already very accurate descriptions of Lucy and her great venue on this site, so I won't duplicate those apart from confirming their accuracy.

I took some wine, my trusty blindfold, a small multi-tailed flogger and a selection of summer berries.
Lucy met me in a tight top, short skirt and her thigh-high boots, looking good enough to eat (that came later).

After starting the wine and some introductory kissing Lucy found herself standing naked, save for the boots and the blindfold, with her elbows and wrists cuffed together behind her back.

I started with gentle, teasing, kisses and caresses, together with whispers discussing how her only interface with the universe was though me. Some of the kisses transferred wine or selections of the fruit before I informed her that I was going to whisk the flogger close to her bum and that it was up to her to walk into it to feel the effects. Lucy complied without hesitation. I then encouraged her to hold her legs apart through the influence of one of her own whips before whipping her pussy through her open legs.

I turned Lucy around so that I could repeat the experience on her breasts. Again, she was extremely compliant and was rewarded with more wine and fruit. She confessed that she was having difficulty keeping her balance in her boots, so I removed them before repositioning her on the bed for my prime number test.
All she had to do was recite the prime numbers between 1 and 100 in order. Correct answers were rewarded through caresses of her bum, with errors and omissions subject to spanking or the feel of the mini flogger. Lucy did pretty well by comparison with others and her reward was to be permitted to kneel with her pussy above my tongue. It took a while before her first tremor but several more followed at decreasing intervals as she relaxed into the experience.

After nearly 90 minutes of tied submission Lucy was released for a break before we moved to the part where she delivered a first-class GFE. There were moments when we were both able to admire the view of Lucy in her newly-installed full-length mirror alongside the bed – wow thoughts.

At the end of the booking we kissed and cuddled well into overtime while Lucy gave me her history from a monosyllabic new arrival in the UK to the eloquent girl she is today. I asked her how she felt about her introduction to submission. She replied that she would think about the experience over time before forming any conclusion.

From my point of view, reality more than matched my expectations.

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