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Author Topic: Emily_Grace  (Read 900 times)

Offline hehlo

I found this profile last night and was wondering if anyone has any experience with her or knows if it is a scam.


There was also a topic on here about her in January but there were no conclusions


1 review(s) found for Emily96 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online PLeisure

I realise that these things are down to personal taste and all that, but F-cups on a petite 5'3" frame is ridiculous.

It also looks like the surgeon didn't know where to position her nipples, which are lovely - but not in proportion to her bust. At all.
Quite unfortunate

I haven't seen her but do have some thoughts/observations to share...

The absence of reports of any negative experience on ukp is a +

Her profile seems credible enough imo

Her aw feedback includes f/b from some punters with lots of their own f/b which is a +

The high-value pg is a -ve imo

If you're keen pursue a punt with her give her a call (she prefers phone contact according to her faq) ask her any questions you have (check they're not already answered in her profile) and if all checks out see if she's able to see you on your preferred date/time. Or if she's abrupt and unhelpful it's probably best to pass her by.

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