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Author Topic: Love Tayla  (Read 887 times)

11 review(s) for FOXY.TAYLA (6 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Had my eye on this girl for a few days. Very unusual for me to go of a bird with blue eyes and red hair as Im normally an asian/thai fancier but in some of the pics on AW this girl looked absolutely film-star beautiful and she was really local to me. She has a little bit of puppy fat but is still very very pretty in my estimation.

House was a reasonable terraced house in a residential street. Ushered in and was told to wait in her room upstairs.

Room reasonably well decorated. Nice double bed and good quality bedclothes - so far so good. Then noticed some framed pictures on the dresser and side table with some more facial shots of Tayla. She looked absolutely gorgeous in these. Clearly the camera loves her face.

Magdalena another of the girls who works at this house came into the room to explain Tayla wasn't there. She'd gone off for a hair appointment apparently. I said for how long?!!… 4 hours apparently.

She then looked at me suggestively as if to say - but Im available - I fucking hate bait and switches. Really fucking winds me up. If the girl isn't there don't take a fucking booking for her its simple. Even if I had fancied the alternative girl I wouldn't go for it on principle. They've already lied to you to get you in the door. What other things will you discover they've lied about once they've got your money?

Span on my heel and left giving the maid a piece of my mind as I left for taking the booking.


..and a location in the title would be helpful for searching purposes. London is a big place.

ps. Tayla was probably being fucked by another punter when you showed up. A case of demand exceeding supply.  :hi:

Offline The_Don

3 reviews for the same W/G ?

Yeah 3 reviews. Because it took 2 attempts to actually get a booking with tayla as they tried a bait and switch on me first time. I gave them the benefit of the doubt on Friday night, went back to see her as I had a sufficiently good time that I wanted a repeat experience on monday (today) - but again they fucked that booking up too.

Smells of touting to me. You could have put he whole tale of woe in one posting!


Hardly touting if two of my visits were negative is it?

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