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Author Topic: Emily@19 - top bird!  (Read 1795 times)

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I saw Emily today for a quick post work punt.  I wish I'd waited for a time I wasn't knackered as i woefully underperformed!

Comms / Venue - easily booked via call & location texted through. The location is the familiar JQ apartment that some members maybe familiar with.

Emily - Very very pretty polish girl, superb figure, small but perky tits, nice arse.  Emily was very bubbly & talkative.  There is a very charming naivety about her that I found adorable.

The punt - money was safely stashed, she started kissing my neck & face whilst still standing, moved to light FK against the wall, she went down on me while I was still standing, lovely BJ i must say, it was a joy watching her.  We then moved to the bed, little man was covered, started in missionary, still kissing throughout.  I then decided to go down on her, lovely tasting pussy, moved her legs far back as she could and made all the right noises, unfortunately the little man decided he was bored & dozed off  :dash: I asked Emily for some more oral to which she happily agreed to, poor lass tried her best but could only manage a semi, went to doggy and finished albeit a bit pissed off at myself.

Post punt niceties - we had a chat about our mutual love of Rock music, i jokingly said I thought she would be a Beyoncé/Katy Perry fan to which she jokingly told me to fuck off, had a decent laugh and said our goodbyes.

I know some members have said they would not return despite having a good time but i myself will definitely see her again. 

Negatives - There is a element of detachment from her at the beginning but I think that's just the nature of the business, as soon as the ice was broken it felt like we'd known each other for ages so can't really complain.

A top bird in my humble opinion.  :thumbsup:

22 review(s) found for Emily@19 linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Good review Bumbuttass.

I hope you didn't end up with a lovebite on your neck from Emily like I did!!  :scare:

I didnt check!! :scare:

She was nibbling there like a good'en... Ok checked & inspected... All clear   :thumbsup:

Offline Dodo

Was wondering who would be next to meet Percy......she sounds right up my street. Is it make up that gives her those dark eyes or is it something else  :(
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

I did mention her eyes looking a bit 'drugged' up on a previous review but they didn't seem like that in person to be fair

I need to get to Brum again soon I think so much top birds there. Flying to manc this weekend but next time I drive will make a stop over I think

Offline Juankerr

I need to get to Brum again soon I think so much top birds there. Flying to manc this weekend but next time I drive will make a stop over I think
I'd be going to Sandys if I were in Manc!!

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