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Author Topic: Deepthroat/rimming/prostate massage - any recommendations  (Read 1244 times)

Offline Farmboy


I don't know if there is already a thread about this, if I'm repeating a FAQ, I apologise.

I would like a bit of help, in the form of recommendations for any experts in providing proper 'balls deep' deepthroat, rimming and prostate masaage.

Ideally size 8 (but maybe up to size 10), under 40 yrs definitely and hopefully under 30 yrs.

I tend to work up to Newcastle, but occasionally get down to the Leeds area, hence the post in the North East section also


Offline costa

In Leeds I'd reccommened sweet as candi she charged extra for rimming but it's worth it , she likes you be waxed or shaved but eats you out for sure . With the prostate she can be a bit harsh though all most finger blasting , you have to tell her to be gentle . With the deep troat she will also do this with no promting. There's plenty off girls who do one or all off these services in Leeds might be best to do a aw search ticking these boxes you may find it cheaper . I've reviewed an agency girl who will do all this but not sure about the prostate massage.

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