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Author Topic: China Health Massage - HE massage - Portsmouth- North End  (Read 4921 times)

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Offline bebobdado


Having previously gone to a chinese massage place in Havant, thought i'd give some other local ones a go.

I found this one on gumtree and all the contact details are on the website as well as address.

I text asking if i needed an appointment or could walk in, they replied saying walk in.

I went on a Saturday afternoon, its on quite a busy road and could be awkward for some to go in, but you could just be getting a massage

The place is pretty much a corridor with two rooms going off it, there was no one about so i sat on one on the seats as i guessed this was a sort of waiting area, could hear some talking from rooms. After five mnutes a door opened and a guy left, the woman asked if i wanted a massage.

She was asian, 35-40, quite attractive i suppose, went with her. I paid £25 for 30 minute massage

part way through i heard the girl leave the other room, she had an attactive voice so i kind of wished i had seen her

was a nice enough massage, although i don't know how well they really know what they are doing in these places.

On the Gumtree ad it clearly said this was not a sexual service but of course i was naked the whole time and you get the tell tale glancing of the balls, which makes it obvious this could be a sexual service and at the end of course i was offered hand relief, i asked how much, she said £20 (yeah fucking right) I only had an extra £10 with me and i told her this. she said okay. She then offered to take off her clothes for £20. I told her again i only had £10, but made me think if you took along a bit of extra cash, could maybe take it further.

Pretty good hand job actually, i made a mess far and wide, which i don't think either of us were expecting

on leaving i saw the other girl and wow i was glad i got the one i did as the other one looked rough.

The reason for the neutral is that its not an ideal set up on a main road, no instructions on what to do when you arrive and theres no one there. The girls are not young enough or attractive enough for me to return.

Also oil is used throughout and wiped off with these paper towel things which are quite harsh and scratchy, The one in Havant gives you a wipedown with a hot towel, which is lovely haha

Yeah so i wouldn't return, but yeah its a sexual enough service if you want some relief and a nice massage for £35

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