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Author Topic: Is the party scene in decline & are we at risk of losing one of its stars  (Read 3221 times)

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

I'm sure that wasn't the line up when I looked Tuesday, but it was a great surprise when I got there and did the party rock I left a very happy knackered man and for me the ending could not have been better, but you will have to wait for the review!

It wasn't me then! The schedule on the website today shows your line-up for yesterday (assuming Alycia was also there). Pity I and others didn't know in advance. They may have got a full house if so. Will have to try and check the schedule more often than just Sunday in future.

Offline Captain Caveman

Hi Guys

I cant say too much as final details haven't been decided yet but PHOENIX CLUB (LMP) will be back in Birmingham sometime in May/June.    Lady Em has nearly secured the building you boys will be pleased to hear.

It will be run like a Swingers Club (like Phoenix Club style not LMP) so within the laws, memberships etc.

I'll be in touch as soon as I know anything else.

Linzi x

 :dance: :yahoo:

Brilliant news, Linzi.

Hope you can persuade the naughty Vera to make the journey!

Banning reason: Making racist slur

Offline vt

Review is now up.



You sound like a kid in a candy shop there!!  :D

At least you proved that the party scene isn't in terminal decline!!  ;)

I may have to check out a few more, just in case.

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