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Author Topic: Reverse AdultWork Bookings  (Read 423 times)

Hi all

I wondered what people's views were on reverse bookings? I've read a few reviews on various forums and it seems a bit hit and miss, but it does sound like you can get a decent bargain if the girls are quiet.

A few of the reviews I read in the  Manchester section of another forum even featured some of the most highly rated WGs. I'd have thought the well reviewed ones wouldn't really have needed to bid on a reverse booking if they were that good.

Any experiences from WY based punters on using this method of getting punts?

Offline bod666

I tried it once for an outcall to my hotel. Did have a few interesting nibbles but I dithered and by the time I decided to go with the best one she was otherwise engaged :(

Interestingly some girls bid from further away like manc and were willing to travel to Leeds.

Top tip is not to wait for closer to the day - if you get a good bid early doors accept it.

I did get quite a lot of mutters bidding too :(

Other tip is to specify clearly what you're after - age, build, etc.

Thanks mate,

I like the idea of women bidding on my requirements, but perhaps feel safest just making a normal booking and having backup options/plan B just in case.  Plus of course I don't really fancy having to add credits to the AW site.

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