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Author Topic: White knight/fluffy behaviour  (Read 3553 times)

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Am I the only one who thinks this thread has now run its course ?

I haven't read the thread but after 3 pages it seems it's run it's course.

FUCK THIS....!!!!  okay guys I haven't been on the forum too long, but this thread has just decided it for me im done with posting, theres more to life...!! I,ll still use it to read reviews but that'll do me,jeeeeezas fellers theres more to life and more to aim for than been popular on a punting forum... take a step back and read some of the absolute shite being typed... its fucking ridiculous... to the few I have had a bit banter with good luck guys... im out..!!  :drinks:

The rules page says:
"Do not post resignation posts to announce you are leaving. Just logout and don't be a drama queen."

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