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Author Topic: Adult Work email verification  (Read 1084 times)

Offline Makkk1963

Anyone else got this problem it's asking me to verify my email problem is I can't remember which email acc I signed up with  :angry: :mad: now it's not letting me in to my acc !!!! Lost all feedback hotlists etc HELP HELP PLEASE

Offline closeshave

ru sure its from aw and not a scam?

Offline john_n

I had to verify again once. Luckily no problem as I know and use the email account.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are fucked if you don't know or have access to the email account

I have had the same issue (it appears to be happening more and more) luckily I remembered the email account that I set up for all my porn related nonsense and managed to re-verify my account. Still annoying!

Offline Loverat

Banning reason: Constant issues with UKP, problem fixed you're banned


Tweet from AW referring to log in scam
What I experienced was different to this. I was attempting to log on to the genuine adultwork.com site and it was nothing to do with any adultworkgroup.com scam site. For some reason AW wouldn’t accept my pass details and asked me to re-verify via the original email account that I joined up with.

I've been asked to verify my email about 4 or 5 times recently, never having had to do before so in all the years I've been a member. I noticed that on every occasion I'd also received a 'Flirt' from an AW member. I assume this may be some sort of glitch/bug with the site?

Offline raylondoner

Same here, f*cking annoying.  :dash:

This wasn't a scam, it was AW themselves when trying to log in, said I wasn't verified - utter bollocks as I've been verified for 10+ years.

This has happened to me three times recently - first time was a struggle since I couldn't remember which email account I had used.

I thought about it though and reasoned that, since I've been left feedback, AW would have sent me an email to my registered account telling me that - I haven't got that many email accounts and found it on the second one I checked.

Back to AW, requested confirmation email and Bob became my Uncle, again.  :hi:

Offline closeshave

Ah bobs your uncle

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