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Author Topic: Brookleigh26  (Read 1825 times)

I've booked an hour with brooke just wondering if anyone's had any past experiences

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Please report back.
She looks good.

Been meaning to book her for ages, tried once and she had finished for the day, said I would re arrange and never got around to it....

Please leave a review let us know what she's like. I hear she's near the Lakeside, Nice area  :thumbsup:

Offline NEGaz

Just my type. Looking forward to your report

Cancelled on me 10 mins before the meet trying to rearrange for next week

Offline Ralph

I have my doubts about this one.  Once contacted her for a meet on an evening when showing as available on aw.  Got a right stroppy rant back about having her own life etc.  No sign of times on her profile...

When over conversed with her it seems that she lives in York and makes the trip to Doncaster

So I think it's that if she gets a few for the day planned in she'll make the trip otherwise she doesn't bother

Rearranged for tomorrow. Let's see if she lets me down again

Personality 10/10
Body 9/10 ( states natural boobs but they aren't)
Face 7/10 looks slightly older than I imagined maybe why there's no face pics on her profile
Location 10/10 she's in some new build appartments very discrete easy to find would just be a bit hard to find somewhere to park when everyone else is home

Overall 9/10 she fucks like a rabbit got great energy a great pussy to say she's had kids 

Offline Ralph

thanks mate, good to know bit about her, would you see again?

Offline Ralph

ta, will put her back on my list :-) 

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