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Author Topic: Jenny of Naughty Northern Escorts  (Read 3539 times)

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I booked a 1 hour incall with Jenny of Naughty Northern escorts at their Middlesbrough flat.

I have a thing about tall leggy intelligent girls but try to limit my punting to once per month, so I was over the moon when Jenny's diary at last matched mine.

Booking through the agency was friendly and efficient, as always. On a whim, I asked Hannah to arrange for Jenny to be wearing one of her special outfits, the choice to be hers.

Jenny ushered me in, and I was a little puzzled to see she was wearing a plain dressing gown. Anyway, we had a little chat and agreed to have a gentle and sensual GFE session, which just happened to suit my mood as I had had a tough week, and I jumped in the shower.

On my return we got down to business. Off came the dressing gown, to reveal the black pvc mini dress  (shown at photo No 4 on Jenny's page on the NNE website), and my eyes stood out on stalks, as did my little feller! Pfwoar!

After an exploratory snog, the dress came off, to reveal some very classy undies. It just got better and better as I removed those and explored her fabulous slim body.
Facially, Jenny is pretty in quite a striking way, looking somewhere between a younger Sandra Bullock and (as someone else has remarked) Cameron Diaz. She has longish auburn hair. She has quite a few tattoos, but they are tastefully and expertly done. I normally think that the unadorned female body is the most perfect thing, but in this case, and just for a change, the tattoos actually enhanced the effect.

I was particularly taken with her tits, which were not too big or too small, but just perfectly shaped and in proportion to the rest of her, and topped with perky, barley sugar pink nipples. In any other circumstances I could have just sat there admiring her body as a work of art, but there were things to be done....
After a pleasant but maybe not spectacular owo (I didn't want it to be - I was saving myself for the sex!), we put the condom on and went into mish then cowgirl. Lovely squishy noises as our pudenda connected. For part of this, Jenny squatted porno style over me, showing how fit she was, despite my being her last client of the day. Even now, I can't seem to get the image of those beautiful bouncing tits out of my mind.....

Then into doggy, when I found myself caressing and hugging that body in a slightly pervy way, but I just couldn't help myself. Back to mish and I exploded deep inside her whilst gazing into her eyes. I'm a big lad in the sausage department and, being old but fit as a flea, I can pump away for England, but Jenny took it all in her stride.

So, the negatives:-
If I was to be really picky, the moaning seemed a bit fake, and I had to take the lead throughout, but I imagine she was just being compliant, as of course I was the client and it was my show.
As usual for NNE flats, the music was via a tinny radio tuned to a local station with too much distracting talking. It would enhance the experience so much if NNE could please, please invest in a working CD player. I'll even bring the cd's.

The positives:-
Those tits.
Really positive, friendly attitude. Lovely to talk to. She seems very  level headed, mature and "sorted" mentally for someone so young.
Her hygiene was perfect.
Those tits again!
I really liked her, and would be delighted to see her whenever our diaries match again. Another enjoyable punt courtesy of NNE.

looking somewhere between a younger Sandra Bullock and (as someone else has remarked) Cameron Diaz

Be still my beating heart! Did anyone manage to watch Demolition Man without falling in love with Sandra?

I hope you do more reviews, I really enjoyed reading that.

You're welcome, Prof. I really enjoyed writing it. Of course, I borrowed some of the format from your reviews - hope you don't mind.
Maybe we're in the wrong jobs. I'd like to offer my services as a freelance. The top agencies can send us a young lady once a fortnight and I'll gladly write a review all for free! ;) ;)

Whereabouts is the Middlesbrough venue?

Offline Sar-Major

In Middlesbrough....................Heheheee,  :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

Sorry just couldnt help myself........... :sarcastic:

 :hi:  :hi:

Offline Sar-Major

Capt. Nice report on Jenny, I see she's often in Sunderland and the Toon. Not one for young ladies, but could be tempted here,  :yahoo:

 :hi:  :hi:

Offline TA_BA

I've been thinking of visiting Jenny, her pictures dont seem to show any tattoos? how many does she have? I find it a bit off putting when staring at a badly done "tramp stamp"

Offline Lucky66

Has Jenny worked before ? She looks familiar,  is she really like her photos ?

Offline jimmyboy

She's exactly like her photos  ;)
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (jimmyboy, Boroman86) + Female name for email address

She's exactly like her photos  ;)
But in person she doesn't have such a blurry face!  :)
I've seen her, er .... quite a few times, since I reviewed her in April, and she still pops my cork. Lovely girl!

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