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Author Topic: Big Brother Girl - leawalker  (Read 3684 times)

Offline Owwhatanight

Is this the girl who was on Big Brother a few years back ?
Lea Walker from Nottingham

https://www.adultwork.com/2441262 or https://www.adultwork.com/leawalker

And if her time in the house was anything to go by, she gets turned on by blokes who shout "wankers" and whistle a lot.

Offline Owwhatanight

Spent all his winnings on Charlie & H surposedly.

Offline Turtle Z

I didn't see her on Big Brother and I won't be seeing her as a 'cash pig'. She's a fucking horror!

She was pretty frightening on Big Brother as I recall. An example of a beautiful girl that had too much done.
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And many years ago - long before it got quite so scary and desperate - she was the partner of a guy in a metal band that I knew. Trivia fact of the day.
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Offline CoolTiger

£8.50 per minute to webcam with her, with a minimum of 5mins = £42.50

Deluded!!  :crazy:

Offline Taggart

Quote from: CoolTiger

Deluded!!  :crazy:

Yes, nail on the head there.

She'll piss on you (watersports) but doesnt list oral or penetration in her likes. WTF??????
Another WG who is nothing but a fecking waste of space..

Being realistic, given the dross that appears on Big Brother, boy, you've gotta be desperate. 

Offline blue80

From her twitter account....

#ThisMorning this so called bloke is a complete CUNT & he's digging out us women as NO WOMAN would WANT HIM thick ass twatin bellend

Such a classy women!!

I lived on the same road as her in the 1990's - Lindum Road in Old Basford. She was fit as fuck in them days I have to say.

That's not her. Lea Walker is much, much older than 44.  :D

Offline Owwhatanight

And says she is 34 In that vid ....born 1970

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