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Author Topic: Miss KDD  (Read 1671 times)

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Offline kazred

Hannah does return now and then - was lucky to catch her first time (when she did anal) and 2nd time when she didn't - As far as I'm aware she has no AW profile.

And on that note I think this thread is digressing from a review on KDD, so maybe move generality about Maxes girls to the discussion thread?

Offline hendrix

Apologies if slightly off topic but Hannah at Maxes looked a suitably filthy girl who I booked on 3 occasions, all several days in advance, only for all three to be cancelled. I never did get to see her and regret that massively, she looked stunning. I've not been able to find anything on here about her though, is she likely to return or does she have an AW profile?

She was really good. I reviewed a duo with her and KDD here, just search under my reviews.

Back to KDD  :P

Offline closeshave

Gabby would love that. She might try to fuck your arse but once she understands that's not on your menu (presumably, like mine) she'll be happy being as sub as you like pretty much.

It's very fine margins, but there's something Anette Schwartz like about the way Alex approaches sex that I can't resist. Perhaps even more so than  KDD, "limits" is a foreign concept to Alex  :wackogirl:

Just don't expect a cuddle afterwards.. A demand to piss in her face, yes. :D

Gabby could certainly  fuck my ass

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