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Author Topic: Hot Alice - new Polish girl?  (Read 2463 times)

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Offline Sylvester

Blimey.  Immediately hot listed.

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy (Atticus Finch)

Offline raylondoner

Hot but does look like she's been touched up

Online PLeisure

hmmm,,,, head in that 1st image is very slightly enlarged in relation to the body.

AW member, "Smurf 101 (50)" left her feedback on 17th April and she hasn't had the courtesy to reciprocate. Bloody rude for a newbie 

Offline Sylvester

Hot but does look like she's been touched up
If she hasn't been, she soon will be.
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy (Atticus Finch)

Offline Hotshots76


One of the best  new profiles I have seen in a while.

Offline Ttm4576

Looks really dodgy to me - those photos look so fake! I think I would avoid but happy to be proven wrong if someone is going to TOFTT!

Offline sticko

She looks like a robot.  An incredibly hot robot with fantastic tits, but a robot nonetheless.  Might be the Photoshop but I'm sceptical.  I may go see her towards the end of next week though, just in case...

Will keep y'all posted.


Offline The_Don

Hot but does look like she's been touched up


(+ Album )

She mite be real  :unknown:

The pictures look very photoshoped

The profile states:

 20, but has 21 also listed

Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm, but green light on (Saturday)

PG has 7 pictures for £1.50

Looking at the feed back from the punter he has seen a few W/G that have been reviewed here.

May be member here  :unknown:


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Offline TheCape

If that's a genuine girl at that price I would be very surprised.

Offline LL

Shit pictures. Looks like something off one of the overpriced escort agencies' sites where all the girls are made to look identical save for their hair colour (which is faked too!).  Photoshopped to within an inch of her life.

Everyone looks the same in that kind of picture. Only variety is hair colour. Impossible to tell from that kind of pic if it is a returning wg.


she does look very hot anyone want TTOFTT?

Looks about as 'real' as Jessica Rabbit.

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