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Author Topic: Fond memories  (Read 468 times)

Offline ruggedscot

Been thinking about this - been doing this for a while and have a load of good memories....

Tammy in Blair Street - what a star she was and superb in the room.....

The Aussie named Sydney again Blair Street..... now one of the few occassions I booked a 2hr session. she knew how to suck cock.

Always had BBBJ's in there. In fact edinburgh was the capital of BBBJ's switched from Glasgow to Edinburgh because of that.

Lisa the sex goddess from London Street.... phew she could curl toes and when you got to know her she was a durty one... long gone and sadly missed...

Offline Eastbloke

Billie and Diane at London Street, early to mid '90s.  Now there were two girls who really got into it  Billie and I were in the room once and the session went way over the limit.  When asked upstairs why it had taken so long, she simply said "I wanted to make him come twice".

Offline bbb

Sydney had a pal with her, Adelaide, bigger lass but cracking service  :cool: That was nearly a decade ago though.

Memories of London Street...Mandy my first ever punt there,the late great Lisa sitting on her seat next to the desk surveying her kingdom, the Xmas raffle, Davy handing the whiskies out,the sensational 19 yr old  Becky Carlyle taking the place by storm in 2005, the stunning Polish girl Kelly when EEs were few and far between, Carrie chasing Ricky up Broughton St in her WG gear, eight Scottish girls on a shift,the bloody parrot,the smell of fresh laundry,the wonderful Gucci and Melanie and  finally imho the greatest sauna girl..Kerry..a dozen years retired but never forgotten.

What a place!

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