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Author Topic: A Few More  (Read 992 times)

Offline Hardpipe

A few more reviews from recent punts.

More of a lurker than a writer but thought I should put some up rather than just taking. :drinks:


Lovely Erika

Easy comms got her on phone first try for short notice.
Pretty much as most reviews say lovely girl cracking body bit of the girl next door sort of build just perfect.
Services and profile accurate to profile on AW.
Just don't make to much noise.

https://www.adultwork.com/811497 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy+frenchgirl

Punt fell through and was looking for something quick so took the plunge.
It was certainly different on arrival she called to check I was coming, arrived in flat and lovely smell on entering room had a quick shower and down to the action. Can't fault her for enthusiasm but by f**k  she can't half talk, quite like a chatty girl as I am quite but bloody hell my ears were sore when leaving.
Services pretty much as it says on the tin, been there done it never again. One off the list.

Squirting Rochelle

Easy comms
Discreet private flat with easy parking. Called on arrival and buzzed up, nice clean flat but no towel s in bathroom on arrival but asked and she got one.

Looks 5/10 girl next door look would pass by on the street. Bit of a tummy that she said herself. lovely big tits as profile age again about right.

Services Bit of a massage OWO, RO, 69, cowgirl and doggy. As someone else mentioned but to toothy with the DFK and oral but 10/10 for effort.
All said not a bad punt but wouldn't go back.

Tara Fox

Easy comms 2nd choice, easy to find but not keen on location felt a bit to overlooked by surrounding flats.

Shower not the best but towels on hand for shower.

Services DFK, RO, 69 massage, OWO miss and cowgirl, no complaints on first round but after finished she was attached to her phone then initiated for time up but when left discovered time was not up.
Body wise quite small with poor enhanced tits, usually go for natural that would confirm why. age definitely older than stated probably at least mid 30s.

Dissapointing punt due to lack of concentration and effort.

Scottish Sophie

Light was on and gave her a call had been intrigued by her profile pic for a while, easy comms arrived as arranged later that day.
Flat located in Maryhill was immaculate just refurbished and was brand new. lovely bathroom with fluffy towels.

Lovely looking girl as per profile with a cracking pair of tits and a bit of a mummy tum which doesn't bother me.
Services massgage, FK not deep but sensual light kissing, OWO, RO, 69 cowgirl. this girl can work her pelvic muscles was riding away then felt her tighten her grip before I could take any more. never felt a girl do that before was quick but nice :hi:.

Only complaint as I have found with a few and learning not so keen to initiate round 2.

Just a quick thanks guys for your reviews and tips.
Most importantly the punting phone.
Tried different Sim first then O/H mentioned strange number coming up on Apple ID account. quickly disposed off.

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