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I had the opportunity of a punt on the way home from work today and saw Lara was in Bristol. I'd not seen her profile before and as she looked really hot and was only £100 for the hour and listed everything I was interested in on her profile I decided to give it a shot.

Review: ~~~Lara~~~
Booking: 1 hour incall
Date: Friday 24/04/2015
Location: Hotel in Central Bristol. Reception is opposite the door but the lifts are just to the right so no problem getting in.
Cost: £100

About Lara
Face: Lara is reasonably pretty and certainly far from off putting but I must admit I was a little disappointed in this area as her body photos on her profile look really hot.
Body: Reasonably tall (5'8"?) with a few extra pounds more than her photos. Nice breasts which are natural and a nice ass.
Services: I checked on the phone beforehand that all her services to which she confirmed. That was not quite the case during our meet. No fingers inside though she was happy to let me play with her clit and no swallow but that is 'at discretion' so I will let that go. I was looking for anal but for some reason didn't end up bothering. I think I just enjoyed going with the flow.
Attitude: Very pleasant and welcoming, very relaxed and comes across quite natural. Quite enthusiastic to start with and got more into it as we got to know each other through out the punt.
Comms: Excellent. I called Lara at lunchtime to see if she was available at 6pm. The answer was yes and she told me straight away where she was staying. She said she would text me the adddress and the txt arrived within seconds. I txted her back to ask if I could have a shower which she said of course. I phoned her when I arrived and she tet me the room number..
The visit: A nice smile and a welcome kiss as i walked into the room. The room was quite dark with the curtains drawn and there was pleasant music playing in the background. She offered me the shower and gave me a towel, all be it a very small one and offered me a drink. I asked for water and having come straight from work enjoyed the hot hotel shower. Coming out of the shower Lara was lying on the bed waiting for me in a bra and panties. Very nice and very exciting. Onto the bed and lots of DFK and I mean LOTS!!! this girl could kiss for Poland! I'm into the GFE and love the attention so I just lay back and enjoyed myself. After a little while I think she wanted to give me a hint as Lara reached down and started playing with her clit  ;) I decided to help her out a bit so took over working her clit and she moved her own fingers back to go inside. She was getting really wet. It was time for Lara to take me in hand. A nice gentle stroke then she moved over the top of me and started kissing me all over from top to bottom. Very very horny!!! By the time she put my cock in her mouth I was ready to pop. She took the whole thing down her throat and I let go with a week worth  :dance: Lara didn't swallow but discreetly disposed of my man juice in a wet wipe by th side of the bed and was straight back into action. I decided it was her turn so took the same route and ended in RO. She was really excited now and very wet. I tried to use my fingers but she gently pushed them away and inserted her own. I was OK with that  :P after a little while her hips started to lift and she pushed hard against my mouth... then BOOM!!! she was jumping around the bed and trying to push me away. I hung on tight and kept going... Moans more moans and even more moans then a fair gush (not a squirt) filled my mouth and I lapped it up. Lara then gently pulled me up to kiss her again and she clearly enjoyed tasting her own juices. Time for Lara to give my cock a good going over with that wonderful kissing mouth. At first I thought her BJ was going to be a bit one dimensional with just an up and down movement but then she started to go to town with deep throat, ball licking and lots of tongue action around the helmet (with a pierced tongue  :yahoo:). After 10 minutes or so she asked what position I liked. I said Cowgirl as I wanted to see those lovely tits and knead that ass. On with the condom and on she jumped. A nice grinding action to start with then into a vigorous up and down the shaft movement. She was really into it now and I just managed to hold on long enough to let her have her second orgasm before I popped for the second time as well. I realised a 3rd pop was not on the cards as there wouldn't have been enough time so we lay on the bed and had a bit of a chat before I got up, got dressed and said goodbye. Lara thanked me and gave me several really passionate kisses to encourage me to return I think, and I was on my way.   

Visit again? Most probably Yes if she is in Bristol and it's convenient
Recommend? Yes GVFM at £100 but would suggest you must want GFE not PSE and expect her to have a few more poundsthan her photos and you won't be disappointed.

Full-on sensual GFE for the full hour.
Lots of deep french kissing
Owo and deep throat
Very friendly
Great comms
No extras :thumbsup:
Confident and comfortable in the delivery of the services she offers.
Not a clock watcher
Very relaxed and makes you feel welcome
Very enjoyable experience!!!

A few more pounds than her profile pictures. Probably a size 12 not a size 10
Looks about 7/10 and not as good as you expect give her profile

20 review(s) found for ~~~LARA~~~ linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Roth

Great review.  :drinks:  She sounds pretty hot. :thumbsup:

Pierced tongue and photos show floral tat on thigh - sounds pretty much like she used to be Naughty Petra.  Guess I'm gonna have to find out for myself!   :rose: :lol: :lol:

Yep it is definately Naughty Petra, she is currently in cheltenham

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