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Author Topic: Same profile but different girls  (Read 427 times)

Offline iRod

Hi guys, this profile was in my hot list but noticed that girls are changing  constantly. Phone number is same though. Punt at your own risk.


Offline xxxx

It does say me & friend - so might be sometimes she doesn't work & its her friend on there or maybe has more than one friend. It'll be seeing if someone does see the one pictured & if she is back later. or just be guy rotaing profile.
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Offline Johny Stone

It looks like a brothel to me.
Somewhere on profile it says: My name is Liliana today  :D

Offline NelsonH

Once again my simple test, no spelling or grammatical errors on the profile, keeps me safe from trouble.

This is a person, or persons, who have not been here long enough to spot that the £ sign goes before the figures.

Offline johnnyboy61

I just popped this one in my HL to keep an eye on her. I knew that she needed further investigation and blow me if the day after she's moved from Derbyshire to Basildon and despite the profile staying the same, with the same name it is a totally different girl, which means that she is still described as having auburn hair (which the original girl did) despite being very obviously a blonde girl now.
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