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after a good night out and being pissed up pretty good I fancied a cheeky punt... tried everyone in my hotlist but no one was answering....it was 5am on a Sunday morning ha. I must've have rang 10-15 escorts but either the phone was off or it just rang out. I was gonna accept defeat but tried one more...and she answered and said she could meet in 30 mins. result! get in.

I arrive at her place around 540 and she was nice looking. with a nice body. we go straight into it. I asked her if she does anal and she says yes...but slowly. wow my first WG that does anal. she starts with OW then I flip her over on all fours for some rimming. her arse was a bit hairier than I would've like....but fuck I was lagging and didn't give a shit at this point so dived in anyway. after some more pussy licking. I fucked her in missionary for a short while then asked about anal. I've got a half decent sized length so thought she would've re-negged on her earlier statement....but she's says yes but slowly and puts some Nivea cream on my dick for lube. bends over and slides my dick in her ass. wow. I start off slowly but get quicker and quicker the tight ass felt too good to do it slow. she's wincing a bit and tells me slowly and suggests we go back to the pussy. I slow it down for a few pumps then pick the speed up again and in my pissed up state start doing porn star style thrusts long and hard ....but again she's wincing and says quite sternly "let change" (ie back in the pussy)

it's all becoming a bit rapey for my liking so I whip it out and throw it back in her pussy. I notice she has cute feet so I pull the condom off and get her to give me a foot job, before I get her into a 69 and get her to ride my face and wank me off till I finish. I tell her lick and suck my cock (before I came) which she did. so she actually does do OWO.

all in all a good punt. as she was very recieving and did any and everything I asked for. decent looking girl and nice slim body. £60 for half hour. good value for money. would see her again.

while searching AW since, I have noticed two more WG with the same postcode in there profiles. so they must use the same house.

1 review(s) found for SeLeNaSeXy1 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline bod666

She looks hot but profile says bareback  :scare: - did you?  :wacko:

Offline JJJ

Thanks for the review  :drinks:

This could be my 1st A* adventure..

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