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Author Topic: Lucia 'Youforever'  (Read 1360 times)

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Offline guttyboy

I am always suspicious of girls that say they are either Spanish or Italian, owing to the number of reviews that say they are in reality Romanian. However, I have a sore back and fancied a decent massage so went for Lucia and she is most definitely Spanish and good at massage. Her profile is very accurate and the photos a fair reflection. I found her pretty and probably late 30's as stated. She is slim and quite busty, although not what you would call pert.

As I say, I deliberately went to see her because I wanted a good massage and the happy ending was just a bonus. She is not a kisser, which suits me but would not please those that look for the real DFK experience.

I found her to be incredibly pleasant; the booking was easy to make; the flat was really tidy and very welcoming and she was quite happy to share a shower with me before providing the old rub and tug.

She appears to be fairly new to the game and was really pleased that I didn't want full sex. Given that I didn't go the whole way, I can't judge if she would be any good at that. I think she is only in Dunfermline for another month and then she moves to Embra. I would return if my back was hurting but maybe try another girl for a conventional punt. Having said that, for what I wanted, she was 10:10 but bear in mind that was for a very simple massage. Sort if friendly girl I could be a regular with and I can't think of another punt I would say that about.

https://www.adultwork.com/2734971 or https://www.adultwork.com/youforever

1 review(s) found for youforever linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Sounds interesting (mind you anyone new in fife s a bonus...). Does she do the massage naked/topless/ clothed? How much touching doe she allow if you're not paying escort rates?

I'm guessing "not what you would call pert" means saggy?
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I tried her out for myself yesterday as I just fancied a quick 1/2 hour rub'n'tug after a hard day's DIY. Nice, but a little expensive.

Comms were good, technically, but I found her really difficult to understand on the phone. She has a really strong accent (must be something to do with her not being Scottish) and her English isn't that great (a helluva lot better than my Spanish though).

Found my way to her place OK; didn't have high expectations of her looks as she doesn't have any face pictures but when she opened the it was  a very pleasant surprise. Tall, short blonde hair, beautifully made up, slim with big tits. Damn near perfect  :D for me anyway...

Was only planning to go for the basics but splashed out an extra 20 for a B2B as I was really hoping to get my hands on her body. We slowly stripped each other then she got the baby oil out an poured it on her tits, and my bits, and the massaging began. By the way, as I suspected, the tits head south when the bra comes off, but then they're big, and she's no spring chicken (I'd say early 40s), so what can you expect? Massage was face down first with more oil added and lots of ball play, then turned over while she slid around on top while I played with her tits and ass. After a while she propped herself upright and let me play with her fanny which was nice and wet, so she seemed to be enjoying herself; fingers not allowed inside though. I let her finish me off in this position with a bit of tit-wank added.

The chat before the session was a bit strained, but she relaxed a lot afterwards so the OP may be right about her being new to the job. Overall, at 70 quid, I felt like I got my money's worth, but I realise you could get a lot more elsewhere for that cash. She does do a full escort service so if I go back it will probably be for a full hour of that.

Overall, a great looking woman if you're a MILF lover, nice attitude, not a real professional massage and no kissing, but a very erotic experience nonetheless.
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