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Author Topic: Reverse Bookings???  (Read 530 times)

I see the reverse booking option on AW but have not used it.  Where would I list the services required?  I see there is a comment box, I assume there but would be grateful for any help on this feature.  Thanks again guys!

Just put what you're after in the comments box. Personally, I've never had any luck with reverse bookings; they seems to attract the less popular prossies, unsurprisingly. But then again, I'm out in the sticks so there aren't that many candidates.

Good luck.  :drinks:

Offline chico1000

Be sure to confirm your services again as sometimes some girls put a bid in without reading.
Banning reason: Troll

Put all that you want in the comments box.

I have done a few and met a few lovely women through them.
You really have to sort through the bids with a clear head at times and be a little suspicious.

A few tricks in a recent RB I had was to make a low booking to her normal price. Then suggest you may like a longer meeting. All seems fine until a reply comes back basically changing the prices to her full price as you want more time.

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