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Author Topic: Disappointment 2nd week in a row  (Read 2485 times)

She does not have to come on here she chose to come on here.

She could have put a note on her AW profile saying off why she studies and no doubt if she told a few regs that she knows are on here the word would have got around like it always does.
I didn't day she had to come on here. .
I said it's the shame she feels the need.  She doesn't want to waste her time writing rubbish on a forum I am sure. She feels she has to, like I said.

Offline Warwick Hunt

Within 30 mins of The Fishmans post, LillyD was all over him like a bad suit.

Little wonder there's no work getting done.

In reply to the Ops post, the answer seems to be everyone apart from Reeson, Walking Dead and myself. Jealousy is such a terrible thing don't you agree guys     ;)
Banning reason: Mouthpiece of banned pimp + Exposed as making false claims in relation to banned pimp

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