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Author Topic: Hot Melissa  (Read 1013 times)

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Got to 23.30 last night and I got the horn, it was a no goer and I was sick of shagging standard women so the devil in me had a look through AW.  As you can imagine options where extremely limited at that time so I looked at profiles I knew where unrated but probably still available, my perseverance paid off. I had seen a profile with the "available now" green logo, no feedback, pictures but none of face, dodgy profile writing... It screamed stay away  :scare:

... But I didn't stay away  :diablo:

Looked at the "likes" list and there was no bareback offered so that made me feel a bit better, I sent a text and got a quick reply, decent English on the text, was told she was at the infamous hotel next to the dome. I know from experience this can be bad news especially for bait and switch scams and pussy arrogant eastern europeans, but again I thought fuck it.

Did the usual drill, got to hotel, told her I'm here, she text back the room number and I hid my phone and things in car. Went in with 60 quid and car key. Was quite nervous had no idea who would answer but was praying wasn't fat, old, ugly or a combination of the three!

Right next to the room was a woman with a coat on and hood up, smoking a fag, Middle 30s, thin, fairly attractive..was this her? But couldn't be because she wasn't in the room...

Knocked on the room in question, waited a few seconds.... Well... This beautiful little blonde answers door, about 19-21, cracking body and very pretty face.. Full package! I was buzzing  :yahoo:

She closed the door asks me how long I said 60 for half hour it said in the site, she said no its 70 for half hour or 50 for fifteen. I thought fuck only got 60...Sorry love I will leave it says 60 on the site, she smiled and said no it doesn't but can do 25 Mins for 60...ya do got me, accepted!

Jumped in shower after politely asking her if I could, comes back out after walks over I asked, do you kiss? She said that's extra. I though ffs here we go.. So I lay on bed said can you suck me off plz, she said only with condom on... Ffs  :angry:

Anyway on with the Johnny (like putting a raincoat on a marshmallow), I requested 69 to kick start my mojo, she accepted. Lovely clean little hole she had, bit loose but tasted sweet as, nice blowjob technique, she didn't mind me rubbing her areshole either which was good.

Next thing I moved her into missionary and slide my cock inside her, pump away for 5 then periodically stop to lick her pussy again building sensations. Moved her into sideways position, pumped away then finally into doggy style, could see her pussy skin lubricating against the condom as I went in deep and out slowly stretching the hole.. As you can probably tell this turned me on and I was ready to pop my cookies. Politely asked her if I could take off the rubber and shoot it all over her areshole, she willingly obliged. Boom  :wackogirl: one  sticky little bullet hole!

As I pulled away she grabbed some baby wipes and handed then back to me, I said stay there i sort you out... I started cleaning the cum off while saying to her "I charge £10 for the cleaning service, £5 for the kissing of your neck..." she burst into little giggles, I smiled too I thought that was a nice touch.

Had another quick shower, told her to have a nice life, gave her a cuddle and walked out  :hi:

Conclusion : what was in my mind a bit of a really bad start, things got better as we went on and in the end I felt really happy and satisfied. I think she was happier as it went in too she realised im quite polite and humourous. Thing is with these type of girls is there here today and gone tomorrow I think they travel the county plying there trade so I will likely never see her again, but whatever I enjoyed it overall.

Consequently when I got home I re checked her profile... 30 minutes was listed as £80!  :unknown: I genuinely thought it was 60..but I was rushing and moving fast so it was honest mistake.

All said and done this was a toftt type of punt, but I'm so glad it paid off :)

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Offline bod666

you jammy git! well done for tofft and having it work out. Most times i try that i end up with an awful romanian pump and dump experience.

Thanks for the review


 Thank you sir, believe me I was fully aware of the odds of getting a horrible punt who wanted me out the door faster than Clarkson at the BBC.

But yes it came good last night, very grateful :)

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