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Author Topic: SexySabrina - Potters Bar  (Read 2566 times)

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Offline NelsonH


Sometimes I wake up feeling a bit kinky. Then I go and see Sabrina.
I've made a few visits now, she may become a regular.

Now if you want the kind of Domme that will leave bruises on your arse, you probably don't want Sabrina.
Its more of a sexy role-play/GFE meet.

Sabrina is a great looking 40-something with a better figure than many 20-somethings.
She is a laugh, sociable, cheeky. And you don't need to hide your wallet.

She kept me harder for longer and I had a bigger orgasm than usual. She certainly knows how to pleasure a bloke.

It's a nice handy venue with cheap, quiet on street parking.

Wish they were all as good as this.

1 review(s) found for sexysabrina1711 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Rowntree

Saw her about 2 years ago when it was GFE on offer.

Does she still offer this?

Offline NelsonH

Not according to profile. I don't go for a GFE.

Suppose you could ring and ask.

Is she english?

Hi Dopebeats

Yes she is English and was a filthy fuck but no longer offers that service.

HD  :hi:

Offline Zeusthedoc

Hi Dopebeats

Yes she is English and was a filthy fuck but no longer offers that service.

HD  :hi:

She's now a domme rather than a gfe/Dom experience?!

Offline binbag

Does anyone have any recent reviews or info on tis lady? (Hoping to see her in early Feb)

Online The_Don

The photo shop is poor IMO.

Going by whats on offer (currently), not a way I would be looking to spend £120 P/H of my hard earned punting cash!

Offline binbag

Thanks for our comments. I was aware of the photoshopping but I didn't realise that 'full service' wasn't include. At one time this wasn't the case, going by her reviews, but it seems those services are no longer available. Shame as I would have otherwise made an appointment. Cheers.

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