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Author Topic: hi guys, could anyone help me with some details about this girl?  (Read 681 times)

Offline phuker.g

I recently looked on vivastreet.co.uk and i meet this nice girl but im not so sure about her while i didnt see no rewievs about her. She is doing escorting London/Leeds and i arange a over night booking with her this coming friday.

Here is the link what i got from her after i reply to her add on vivastreet.co.uk http://awgirlnextdoor-123.simdif.com. She use whatsapp only and she call you with private number if you willing to book.

Would like to know if anyone see her in London/ Leeds , how shes like and how is on her bookings.
in 2011-2012 she was working in flat 52 in North Acton next to station.

If anyone know and meet her recently can you please give me some details about her because i dont want to waste my 1200£ in one night getting no satisfaction for that amount of money.

Offline closeshave

That's a lot if money on a blind punt.

Why not go for on the top girls reviewed here for that kind of money you could get a top notch one.

Offline PLeisure

Three things...

1. It's not a good idea to book an overnighter if you've never seen the girl before. What if it goes wrong? Will you get your money back?
Just last weekend there was a situation in which a UKP forum member booked a girl on the strength of one very positive review... soon after which, the girl switched off her AW profile. It was a disaster... she was clearly not intending to provide extensive services... hardly any at all, in fact. Luckily for him, he managed to get all his money back. But not before she stole his phone and the police were involved.
Not cool.
Don't go there.
Especially if you're looking to blow +£1K.
 ... on a girl you've never seen in the flesh before? Not smart.

2. You write, "in 2011-2012 she was working in flat 52 in North Acton next to station." How did you obtain this information?

3. Finally, take a look at the final image, of her face. Same girl as the ones above? hmmmm..... Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, the deeper cheek impressions flanking her mouth and nose indicates her as mid- to late-20s.

Save your money (or allow me to spend it for you  :dance: ).
For £1,200 you could enjoy several enjoyable hours with three or four different girls. However, same advice applies.... make sure they're positively reviewed on here first. Don't bother with AdultWork, or any other profile feedback.

because i dont want to waste my 1200£ in one night

IMHO you would be wasting £900 of that anyway. You can get an overnight from a decent WG for £300.

Offline phuker.g

I had meet her back in 2011, photos are hers because she was using that in pink to advertise on adult work as ania_hot, last photo she looks a bit older. I had been out of the country for about 3 years and i turn back to London. I wanted to know if someone meet her and tell me how shes like because people change alot in 3 years.

Last time i seen her on overnight booking in that flat she had worked before in acton and was quite nice. She was a sweet polish girl enjoying sex quite alot and she was having a nice big bum,small boobs beautiful skin, nice tattoo on her bely, blonde, blue eyes and fucking amazing tight pussy. I paid 900 back then but now she dont do incall because she dont have aflat at the moment.

£900 o/n? In 2011?  :crazy:

You don't know what you're missing. Get an £800 o/n RB on AW and watch them roll in...

Or otherwise you are just determined to see her but then why ask our opinion at all?  :unknown:

Offline closeshave

Your money. But not one person on here agrees with it.

Think about that

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